Patience is the key while investing in equities, start investing in fundamentally strong small and mid cap stocks to create wealth in long term.

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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Grab ebook - How to Grow your Savings? for Free

 A complete guide to help you ensure, you get the best returns on your investments from equities.

eBook How to Grow your Savings?eBook - How to Grow your Savings? will provide you important & relevant information supported by facts & figures to help you grow your savings by investing in stocks to succeed:

Key Mantra’s:

1. Adopt discipline approach for Savings
2. Find out the ways to get passive income
3. Set your financial goals & start Investing
4. Do invest in equities for long term

Getting the most out of this ebook is simple, “How to Grow your Savings?” requires practical approach. Execute your learning experience in your day to day life by managing your finances effectively and achieve your long term goals.

How to Grow your Savings?Traditionally, Indians are Savers. The savings rate is as high as 30 percent. If not a direct savings in the bank, the money goes into a fixed deposit, gold or real estate. That trend might change soon if more people invest in stocks, which have outperformed every other asset class from 2001 to 2007 and later from 2012 to 2017.

Stocks have outperformed other asset classes by as much as 60 percent, yet only 3 percent of Indian population directly invests in stocks.

The main reasons for this is a lack of knowledge, awareness as well as unethical practices by a small minority of participants who encourage regular churning based on tips and rumours without giving proper financial planning to investors.

If someone invested in a State Bank of India fixed deposit account in 2001, he or she would have earned an 8 percent return per year. If the same person invested in State Bank of India stock, he or she would have a total return of 3,000 percent as the stock rose from 20 rupees to high of 620 rupees in 2022 which does not include dividend income over last 20 years which is much higher than the initial stock price.

Though Indians continue to be underinvested in the stock market there is more interest coming in from all corners. The number of active demat accounts in the country jumped by 63 percent to almost 9 crores in financial year 2021-22. On an average, 26 lakh new demat accounts are opened every month. Recent transparency measures should also bring more people in. The stock market will no longer be treated as a gamble but will be put on par with real estate and gold.

The irony is that even though stock markets as a long term asset class have given the highest returns, short term trading in futures and options has also caused the maximum losses. The maximum numbers of bankruptcies were caused due to the stock market crash in 2008-2009 amongst high risk speculative traders.

Power of Investing in Equity Market

Now, Just Imagine...

How much can you make in 40 years by just investing Rs.10,000 initially in any of financial instruments?

Take a wild guess?

Let us look at the real example.

If you have subscribed for 100 shares of "X" company with a face value of Rs. 100 in 1980.

• In 1981 company declared 1:1 bonus = you have 200 shares
• In 1985 company declared 1:1 bonus = you have 400 shares
• In 1986 company split the share to Rs. 10 = you have 4,000 shares
• In 1987 company declared 1:1 bonus = you have 8,000 shares
• In 1989 company declared 1:1 bonus = you have 16,000 shares
• In 1992 company declared 1:1 bonus = you have 32,000 shares
• In 1995 company declared 1:1 bonus = you have 64,000 shares
• In 1997 company declared 1:2 bonus = you have 1,92,000 shares
• In 1999 company split the share to Rs. 2 = you have 9,60,000 shares
• In 2004 company declared 1:2 bonus = you have 28,80,000 shares
• In 2005 company declared 1:1 bonus = you have 57,60,000 shares
• In 2010 company declared 3:2 bonus = you have 96,00,000 shares
• In 2017 company declared 1:1 bonus = you have 1,92,00,000 shares
• In 2019 company declared 3:1 bonus = you have 2,56,00,000 shares

Today, you have whopping 25.6 million shares of the company.

Any guess about the company?

(Hint: It’s an Indian IT Company)

Any guess about the present valuation of Rs. 10,000 invested in 1980?

The company which has made fortune of millions is "WIPRO" with present valuation of 1,000+ crores (excluding dividend payments) for Rs. 10,000 invested in 1980.

Unbelievable, isn’t it? But it’s a Fact! Investing in companies with good fundamentals and proven track record can give far superior returns compared to any other asset class (real estate, precious metals, bonds etc) in a long run.

Will Wipro provide similar returns in next 42 years? Probably not, it’s already an IT giant.

You need to explore companies in micro, small and mid cap space with good track record and stay invested to create wealth in a long term. 

Let's take another example of little known company - Mayur Uniquoters 

Mayur Uniquoters which we recommended 10 years back is a 9-Bagger stock for our Hidden Gems members. We recommended Buy on Mayur Uniquoter on 31 March 2012 at price of Rs. 56 (adjusted price after 2 bonus issues and stock split in last 10 years, actual recommended price was Rs. 448) and today it’s at Rs. 475 giving absolute returns of 750%. However, we missed to buy it early. You might be surprised to know that Mayur Uniquoter is a 160-Bagger stock for investors who invested in it 14 years back. Investment of Rs. 1 lakh in Mayur Uniquoters in Jan 2009 is valued at more than Rs. 1 Crores and 60 lakhs today. The company has posted strong growth YoY and rewarded share holders in big way, Mayur Uniquoters was trading at Rs. 3 (bonus issues and split adjusted price) with market cap of merely 13 crores in Jan 2009, today market cap of the company is 2,090 crores.

Mayur Uniquoters is still a great value stock considering its consistent performance and leadership position in artificial leather industry and robust demand for its products by esteemed clients from auto and footwear industry.

It is a garden out there and one need to simply provide sufficient time to grow his quality seeds to get the fruits. One has to know what he is doing and has to be cognizant about it. With a little research and patience stock market investments can yield maximum returns.

So, how will you grow your savings? What are you investing in?

Read complete e-book "How to Grow your Savings?", its not only a must read for beginners but also for experienced investors. "How to Grow your Savings" will definitely help you to get an edge over others by understanding the basic of investments and importance of equities in a long run to generate income and create wealth. 

Below are the chapters covered in  ebook "How to grow your Savings?"

  • Inflation
  • Past & Future Value of Money
  • Income Expenditure Ratio 
  • Passive Income 
  • Tips & Tricks to Save Money 
  • Saving Strategies
  • Difference between Saving & Investing
  • Understanding Your Assets
  • Investing in Different Asset class
  • Pay Off Your Debt or Invest
  • Power of Compounding 
  • Benefits of Long Term Investing
  • 10 Key Investing Mantra’s
  • Financial Planning 
  • Managing your Finances 
  • Making your own Investment Plan 
  • Your Investment Profile & Risk Tolerance
  • Investing in Equities
  • Investing in Bull & Bear Market
  • Invest in Individual Stock or Mutual Fund
  • Creating a Stock Portfolio
  • Investment Portfolio Mistakes to Avoid
  • Importance of Stock Diversification
  • Investing for Growth, Yield & Income
  • Facts & Benefits of Investing in Small Companies
  • Investing Risks Vs Rewards
  • Understanding Stock Market Risks
  • Different Type of Investing Risks
  • Managing Investment Risks
  • The Bulls, The Bears & The Farm
  • Stock Investing & The Age Factor
  • Don’t Count on Stocks for Short Term Goals
  • Characteristics of Successful Investors
  • Don’t try to Time Bottom of Stock Market
  • Investing in Stocks for Regular Income & Long Term Growth
  • Investing Checklist – 10 Most Important Element
eBook How to Grow your Savings?Saral Gyan's 89 pages e-book How to Grow your Savings? was priced at Rs. 599. However, we decided to share our e-book for free with our readers to help them understand the power of saving and investing in equities to achieve financial freedom in long run. To receive our e-book, simply click on below link and fill out the form to receive our e-book directly in your inbox.

Do contact us in case of any queries, we will be delighted to assist you.

Wish you happy & safe Investing. 

Team - Saral Gyan

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Worried About Bleeding Portfolio? Read This Immediately!

Dear Reader,

Staying invested may be easier said than done when the markets are in bear grip, but it is a necessity for long-term wealth creation. Patience will pay rich dividends to those investors who learn to weather the storm. In fact, investments made in right set of companies during bad market conditions rewards long term investors in much bigger way.

We strongly believe that this is a great time to buy good quality small and mid size companies that have been beaten down. No one is talking about small caps these days and that’s the strong reason why we should invest in this segment. It’s wise to be greedy when there is fear surrounding small and mid caps. This is not the first time small caps have fallen out of favour and then gone on to recover smartly.

Multibagger Small & Mid Caps - Long Term Investing ReportTo make our readers understand the benefits of staying invested for long term and continue investing in small caps and mid caps during bad times like we are experiencing now, we have released - Multibagger Small / Mid Caps and Long Term Investing Report recently on 10th July 2019.

This is a must read report for all those investors who started investing in equities over last 2 to 3 years and are worried now due to their bleeding portfolio, and do not have courage and conviction to invest further in small and mid caps.

The objective of this report is to understand why its utmost important to invest in equities (mainly small and mid caps) keeping a real long term view, becoming a discipline investor by investing in stocks during good as well as bad times to create wealth through equities. We are confident that this report will reinforce your believe to stay invested during these turbulent times in broader markets and build your conviction further encouraging you to invest in small and mid caps with good business fundamentals at cheap valuations.

Broadly, Multibagger Small / Mid Caps & Long Term Investing report covers:

1. 6 Major Reasons for Decline in Small & Mid Caps
2. Budget 2019 - Steps towards easing Liquidity Crisis
3. Benefits on Investing in Small & Mid Caps during Bear Phase
4. 2019 - A Year of Multibagger Opportunities
5. The Bulls, The Bears & The Farm
6. Long Term Charts of Small & Mid Caps

To receive our Multibagger Small / Mid Caps and Long Term Investing report, simply fill up the form below. Once submitted, you will receive the report directly in your inbox. 

If you are unable to view the form, click here to fill it online to receive our Multibagger Small / Mid Caps & Long Term Investing report directly in your inbox.

Under this report, while looking at long term charts of the companies with normal / good businesses, you will realise that investors who entered in market by investing in small and mid caps during last 2 to 3 years have pain in their portfolio however those who invested in bad phase of market in 2011 - 2013 like that of today are still holding plenty of multibaggers in their portfolio. That is why its important to invest in equities keeping a real long term view. In fact, during turbulent times, we must increase investments / equity allocation in small / mid size companies which have good business fundamentals to get rewarded in big way in long run.

BSE Small Cap Index went up by 69% in 2014 and during this year numerous small and mid cap stocks turned multibagger delivering mind boggling returns. Scenario was similar in 2017 when BSE Small Cap Index rallied by 58%, later broader market went into bear grip with significant sell off in many small and mid caps due to expensive valuations and series of negatives developments over last 18 months as covered later.

We are experiencing lot of hopelessness along with fear towards equities in 2019.  The reason is the carnage in stock prices of many well-known established companies over last 18 months. Retail investors have taken the back foot and lost their faith and conviction towards investing in small and mid caps. We understand that it is really frustrating to see the Sensex and Nifty near to its all time highs while the BSE Small Cap and Mid Cap indices hovering at much lower levels compared to last year.

Since Jan 2018, Nifty and Sensex delivered positive returns of around 5%, where as BSE small cap index slumped 38%, and BSE mid cap index dropped 27%. Though these numbers tell us what the overall index lost, individual small and mid cap stocks were touching 52-week lows every other day and individual damage to most of the stocks in this category was to the tune of 50-70%, some even more than that.

When overall market sentiments are negative like we are witnessing now, quality businesses also face the heat. As bad stocks go down, good stocks go down with them too. But good companies make a stronger come back once economy cycle starts its upturn. The severe correction in broader market over last 18 months has given investors an opportunity to sieve through and find good quality stocks which are backed by strong balance-sheet and robust cash flow. The broad underperformance of the small and mid-caps seems to be overdone and interesting bottom-up opportunities are now available in this space across sectors. Earnings revival could also set the ball rolling in terms of re-rating these categories of stocks.

Click here and enter your details to receive our Multibagger Small / Mid Caps & Long Term Investing report directly in your inbox.

Stay Invested & Keep Investing for Real Long Term. Bcoz "If you want your Money to Grow, Equities is the only Way to Go"

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Team - Saral Gyan

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