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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Special Report - 5 Hidden Gems to Buy is Released

Dear Member,

We have seen significant correction in broader market over last one year. While major indices - Sensex and Nifty are merely down by around 7% from their all time high, most of the small and mid caps which turned expensive in 2021 - 2022 have seen significant price correction over last 12 to 18 months. At current juncture, where large caps are fairly priced, small and mid caps segment offers good investment opportunities with plenty of stocks available at attractive to reasonable valuations with significant upside potential from current levels.

BSE Small Cap Index made all time high of 31,304 in Jan 2022 and later witnessed correction of -25.7% making low of 23,304 in Jun 2022. Currently, BSE Small Cap Index is at 27,600 i.e. down by around 12% from its peak of Jan 2022, where as many small cap stocks are down by 20% to 70% from their peak prices.

“The first rule of investment is ‘buy low and sell high’, but many people fear to buy low because of the fear of the stock dropping even lower. Then you may ask: ‘When is the time to buy low?’ The answer is: When there is maximum pessimism.”
Sir John Templeton

Special Report - 5 Hidden Gems to Buy / Accumulate - Released on 29 Jan 2023

Post significant correction in small caps, we reviewed our past recommendations released under Hidden Gems of last 3 years and short listed 5 Hidden Gems stocks which offer good long term investment opportunity and have potential to give excellent returns on your investment during next 2 – 3 years. These stocks are covered in our Special Report - 5 Hidden Gems to Buy / Accumulate which we released on 29 Jan 2023.

While short listing 5 stocks under Hidden Gems, we evaluated each company on the basis of I-B-M-V-E-D parameters (Industry, Business, Management, Valuations, Earnings Growth & Debt Management) and rated every parameter using a rating scale – E,V,G,F,P (E=Excellent, V=Very Good, G=Good, F=Fair, P=Poor)

One of the important key to successful investing is to pick the right business at decent valuations. We finalized these 5 stocks with a long term view (2-3 years) and find them better over other Hidden Gems stocks in terms of valuations, earning visibility, debt management and integrity of promoters towards their business and interest of minority shareholders.

The 5 Hidden Gems stocks which we finalized have a market capital below 700 crores and seen a price correction between 20% to 60% from their peak (made is 2021 - 2022) without any major change in business fundamentals. We believe these stocks will outperform giving much better returns compared to broader indices in medium to long term. Our members can add these stocks in their portfolio with long term view (2 to 3 years at least). We suggest our members to start investing in these 5 Hidden Gems stocks with initial allocation of 1-2% and increase allocation gradually to 3-4% in staggered way in case stock prices of these companies falls by another 10% to 20% or more during ongoing market correction.
Important parameters which we looked into while finalizing stocks are as under:

1. Industry – Operating in Industry / sector which is expected to grow > 12% CAGR during next 3 years
2. Business – Leadership position in the business or one of its business segment in certain geography
3. Management – Prudent & trustworthy management keeping interest of minority share holders
4. Valuations – Reasonable / attractive valuations compared to peer group companies
5. Earnings – Consistent past performance & strong earning visibility with planned / recent expansion
6. Debt Management – Company is able to generate cash flows with low or reducing debt on books

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Team - Saral Gyan

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Benefits & Concerns of Investing in Small Cap Stocks

Owning Multibagger Stocks which can multiply Investments in Future

The number of small-cap stocks is large and finding a quality stock that can give high returns over a long period is tough even for equity analysts. One reason is that such stocks usually have a short history and are not tracked by many analysts and brokerage houses. Then there are risks such as low liquidity, governance concerns and competition from larger players.

Scores of once small companies have over the years grown big, giving investors a 30-50 percent annual return over 10-15 years and creating fortunes for investors. However, more often than not, we find ourselves at the wrong side of the fence and regret our inability to spot such stocks on time.

Benefits of Investing in Small Caps

1. Huge growth potential: The first and the most important advantage that a small cap stock gives you is their high growth potential. Since these are small companies they have great scope to rise as opposed to already large companies.

2. Low Valuations: Usually small cap stocks are available at lower valuations compared to mid & large caps. Hence, if you invest in good small cap companies at initial stage and wait for couple of years,  you will see price appreciation not only because of growth in top line and bottom line but also due to rerating which happens with increase in market capital of the company.

3. Early Entrance Advantage: Most of the fund house and institutions do not own small caps with low market cap due to less liquidity which make it difficult for them to own sufficient no. of shares. This gives retail investors an opportunity to be an early entrant to accumulate such companies shares. When company grows in market cap by delivering consistent growth and becomes more liquid, entry of fund houses and institutions push the share prices up with re-rating of stock giving maximum gains to early entrants. 

4. Under–Researched: Small cap stocks are often given the least attention by the analysts who are more interested in the large companies. Hence, they are often under - recognized and could be under-priced thus giving the investor the opportunity to benefit from these low prices.

5. Emerging Sectors: In a developing economy where there are several new business models and sectors emerging, the opportunity to pick new leaders can be hugely beneficial. Also the disruptive models in the new age is leading to more churn and faster growth amongst the nimble footed smaller companies.

Buying Strategy for Small Caps

1. Go for companies with low debt ratio (preferably less than one)

2. A high interest coverage ratio (above 3x) and a high return on equity are big advantages

3. Avoid companies with huge liabilities in the form of foreign currency convertible bonds / external commercial borrowings

4. Look at the quality of the management, its governance standards and how investor-friendly the company is.

5. Mid-cap and small-cap companies can be future market leaders, so be patient with your investments

Those who wish to invest in small-cap stocks should do so only if they have a long investment horizon and tolerance for volatility. Small-cap stocks suffer the steepest falls in a bear market and rise the most in a bull market. An investor should stay invested for at least three-five years to allow their portfolio to gain from at least one bull run. If you are looking for multibaggers, stock must have high growth rates along with expanding PE ratios. The price we pay for the stock is important as it will determine whether there is enough scope left for a PE expansion to take place. 

Concerns while Investing in Small Caps

1. Risk: The first and the most important disadvantage a small cap stock is the high level of risk it exposes an investor to. If a small cap company has the potential to rise quickly, it even has the potential to fall. Owing to its small size, it may not be able to sustain itself thereby leading the investor into great loses. After all, the bigger the company, the harder it is for it to fall.

2. Volatility: Small cap stocks are also more volatile as compared to large cap stocks. This is mainly because they have limited reserves against hard times. Also, it in the event of an economic crisis or any change in the company administration could lead to investors dis-investing thereby leading to a fall in prices.

3. Liquidity: Since investing in small cap stocks is mainly a decision depending upon one’s ability to undertake risk, a small cap stock can often become illiquid. Hence, one should not depend upon them for an important life goal.

4. Lack of information: As opposed to a large cap company, the analysts do not spend enough time studying the small cap companies. Hence, there isn’t enough information available to the investor so that he can study the company and decide about it future prospects.

If these factors scare you but you still want to gain from the upside potential of such stocks, Saral Gyan  Nano ChampsHidden Gems & Value Picks is a great choice for you. At Saral Gyan, team of equity analysts keep on evaluating micro, small and mid cap stocks to explore the best Nano Champs and Hidden Gems of stock market. Saral Gyan - Nano Champs, Hidden Gems and Value Picks are the micro, small and mid cap stocks with high probability to become multi-bagger stocks in future and a path for our investors to create wealth through equity investments in a long run. Multibaggers evolve over time, many successful investors follow plenty of processes to identify these stocks early and continue to ride them till they evolve as multibaggers.

Grow your Wealth by Investing in Potential Multibagger Small Caps

Multibagger Hidden Gems Stocks
Its a fact that 74 Hidden Gems stocks out of 102 released during last 11 years have given more than 100% returns to our members. Moreover, 27 stocks out of these 74 are giving returns in the range of 400% to 7000%. Stocks like Cera Sanitaryware, Camlin Fine Sciences, Acrysil, Balaji Amines, Kovai Medical, Wim Plast, Mayur Uniquoter, Dynemic Products, Roto Pumps, TCPL Packaging, Globus Spirits, Rajratan Global Wires etc are some of our multibagger stocks which have given whopping returns in the range of 900% to 7000%.

We do update our members in terms of profit booking / exits depending upon various factors like overall Industry / Sector outlook, fundamentals of the company, management action plan and annual performance in terms of top line, bottom line, operating margins and other important parameters.

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Wish you happy & safe Investing.
Team - Saral Gyan.

Rajratan Global Wire - Our 24-Bagger Stock in 5 Years

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to inform you that our Hidden Gem stock of Oct'17 - Rajratan Global Wire Ltd (BSE Code: 517522) is a 24-Bagger stock for our Hidden Gems members within period of 5 years. 

Our team suggested Buy on Rajratan Global Wire Ltd at price of Rs. 54.77 on 30 Nov 2017 (stock split and bonus issue adjusted price, actual recommended price was Rs. 639 with target of Rs. 1250). The company rewarded shareholders by issuing bonus share in the ratio of 4:3 in 2019 and later did a stock split of 1 shares into 5 shares (face value of Rs. 10 to Rs 2 per share) in March 2022. Hence, every 3 shares held by our members have increased to 35 shares. Rajratan Global stock price made all time high of Rs. 1410 and closed at Rs. 997 on Friday giving absolute returns of 1720% i.e. more than 18 times within 5 years against double digit returns of Sensex & Nifty in the same period.

We advised partial profit booking in Rajratan Global Wires to our Hidden Gems members recently at Rs. 1300, booking returns of 2270% (almost 24X) within period of 5 years. Rajratan Global Wires has delivered CAGR of more than 90% to our Hidden Gems members.

Below is the summary of Rajratan Global Wires Ltd shared by our team under Hidden Gem stock - Oct'17 report released on 30 Nov 2017.

1. Company Background

Multibagger Stock Rajratan Global Wire
Established in 1988 by Mr Sunil Chordia, Rajratan Global Wire Ltd (Rajratan Global) is a market leader in supply of tyre bead wire in India. The company along with its subsidiary Rajratan Thai Wire Company (Rajratan Thailand) has around 40% share of the Indian tyre bead wire market. The company earlier entered into the Joint Venture with Gustav Wolf (Germany) for gaining technical know-how, later in 2003 shareholding held by Gustov Wolf was bought back by the promoters. The company commenced international operations in 2008 by setting up a plant in Thailand through a wholly owned subsidiary Rajratan Thai Wire Company. The company is second largest manufacturer (by capacity) of automotive tyre bead wire in India and only player manufacturing tyre bead wire in Thailand. Along with tyre bead wire, the company also manufactures other specialized steel wires (black wires) like rope wires, spring wires, auto cable outer etc. Steel wire rods is the primary raw material used for manufacturing by the company.

Rajratan Global has 2 manufacturing facilities, one in India and another in Thailand.
Rajratan Global Wire Capacity

Rajratan Global is a long term supplier for almost all major tyre manufacturers in India and is the market leader in the automotive tyre segment since 2012. The company has long term standing relationship with marquee clients.

Rajratan Global Clients:
Rajratan Global Wire Cients

Products Description:

i) Tyre Bead Wire 

Tyre bead wire is high carbon bronze coated steel wire used in all kinds of automobile tyres, tyres of earth moving equipments and aircrafts. The main function of bead wire is to hold the tyre on the rim and to resist the action of the inflated pressure which constantly tries to force it off. The bead is the crucial link through which the vehicle load is transferred from rim to the tyre. It significantly affects the safety, strength and the durability of tyres.

Bead wire is a drawn steel wire, which is manufactured from quality wire rods with high carbon content. Bead wire’s surface is coated with copper or bronze which ensures proper adhesion with the used rubber compound. 

Bead wire being a crucial component in any kind of tyre manufacturing, the company always ensure that not only the best of raw-material goes into its manufacturing, but that it also goes through toughest of quality tests. The company specializes in bead wire of customized tensile grades as per the requirements of its clients. Besides bead wire, it also produces high carbon steel wire and uncoated wires of varying specifications for different applications. 

2) High Carbon Steel Wire 

High carbon steel wire is popularly known as black wire. It is a drawn steel wire which is manufactured from quality wire rods with high carbon content. With a wide range of usage, black wire plays a vital role in many industries from automobile and construction to engineering industries. The company manufactures high carbon steel wire in its stateof-the-art plants and employ world-class patented heat treatment processes.

The high carbon steel wire manufactured by the company are of two Grades: 
1. Spring / Rope grade confirming to Grade I, II & III. 
2. Rolling quality / flattening quality grade.

2. Recent Development (30 Nov'17)

i) India’s Tyre Market to witness a CAGR of over 9% during 2016-2021 

India’s tyre market is forecast to witness a CAGR of over 9% during 2016-2021, according to the report of Research and Markets, a leading international market research agency. As per the report, titled “India Tyre Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2021, India ranks among one of the largest tyre markets in the world. Growing automobile sales coupled with expanding automobile fleet are the major factors boosting demand for tyres in the country. 

Though the replacement tyre demand had majority share in 2015, the OEM tyre demand is expected to outpace replacement tyre demand during 2016-2021 with more than 60 tyre manufacturing plants spread across the country. 

Moreover, with favorable inflationary scenario, expanding middle class population and increasing national disposable income, tyre sales across all the automobile segments are expected to grow in the coming years. As per report, presence of major automotive OEMs such as Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, TATA, BMW, etc. has been hugely contributing to the sales of tyres in India. 

Two-wheeler tire segment, which accounts for a volume share of over 50% in the country’s tyre market is also expected to maintain its position as the largest tyre segment over the next five years, adds the report. 

ii) India imposes Anti-Dumping Duty on select Tyres from China 

In Sept 2017, India has imposed an anti-dumping duty on a certain types of unused radial tyre for trucks and buses for the next five years in an attempt to protect the domestic tyre industry from low-cost Chinese imports.

The duty slapped on “new/unused pneumatic radial tyres with or without tubes and/or flap of rubber (including tubeless tyres) having nominal rim dia code above 16 (inch),” ranges between $245.35 to $452.33 per tonne, according to a notification by the Central Board of Excise and Customs.

Earlier, the Directorate General of Anti-dumping and Allied Duties had suggested such as levy on Chinese imports which are dumped in India for a cost below normal value. While the duty does not ban the import of these goods, it is meant as a tool that levels the field between the foreign and domestic industry.

This is a positive development as tyre industry gets nearly 55 percent of its revenue from trucks and buses radial tyre.

3. Financial Performance (30 Nov'17)

Rajratan Global Wire consolidated net profit rises 30.61% in the Sept 2017 quarter

Net profit of Rajratan Global Wire rose 30.61% to Rs 5.76 crore in the quarter ended September 2017 as against Rs 4.41 crore during the previous quarter ended September 2016. Sales rose 24.54% to Rs 90.44 crore in the quarter ended September 2017 as against Rs 72.62 crore during the previous quarter ended September 2016. 

Rajratan Global Wire consolidated net profit declines 43.26% in the June 2017 quarter

Net profit of Rajratan Global Wire declined 43.26% to Rs 3.58 crore in the quarter ended June 2017 as against Rs 6.31 crore during the previous quarter ended June 2016. Sales rose 5.92% to Rs 71.08 crore in the quarter ended June 2017 as against Rs 67.11 crore during the previous quarter ended June 2016.

Rajratan Global Wire Financial Performance

The company performance in Jun’17 quarter was subdued mainly on account of increase in input cost and lower offtake due to GST. However, it managed to post better Sept’17 quarter results by increasing its product prices due to rise in of raw material cost.

4. Peer Group Comparison (30 Nov'17)
Rajratan Global Wire Peer Group Comparison

5. Key Concerns / Risks (30 Nov'17)

i) Steel wire rods is the primary raw material used for manufacturing by the company. Increase in steel prices can adversely impact the operating margins of the company. As per management, the company passes on 60-100 percent of the higher raw material prices to its customers.

ii) Sluggishness in automobile demand globally can impact tyre industry, this can have a direct impact on revenue growth of the company.

iii) Steel wire Industry is highly fragmented and competitive. Any adverse development in market conditions, trade or government policies, foreign exchange fluctuations may impact company’s performance.

6. Saral Gyan Recommendation (30 Nov'17)

i) The growth outlook for Indian tyre industry looks promising with imposing of antidumping duty on a certain types of unused radial tyre for trucks and buses for the next five years and expected rise in domestic automobile sales going forward. This will augur well for the company being a market leader in India with 40% market share in automotive tyre bead wire segment and preferred supplier of more than 15 major tyre manufacturers in India and abroad. Moreover, growth momentum is expected to sustain in Thailand with addition of new clients like Bridgestone. 

ii) With rise in demand, Rajratan Global expanded its Thailand plant capacity from 24,000 MT to 26,400 MT last year. The company has planned further expansion of 9,600 MT over next 2 to 3 years to meet the growing demand for the company’s product. Moreover, the company has also invested in a new warehousing facility which is expected to help Rajratan Thailand to maintain sufficient inventory levels. Increase in minimum stock volume is being prioritized which will ensure efficient delivery performance.

iii) The company’s Thailand operations are in sweet spot. The company is sole manufacturer of tyre bead wire in Thailand and enjoys significant logistic benefits as major tyre manufacturers are located in close proximity. Thailand is one of the largest producers of natural rubber making it a market of choice for global tyre manufacturers. Presently there are around 20 tyre manufacturers in Thailand out of which 5 are Japanese and Taiwanese, providing good opportunity for Rajratan. The company is preferred supplier of Global OEM’s, major Japanese clients includes Sumitomo, Bridgestone and Yokohama. Recently, the company gets into agreement with Bridgestone and expect good revenue growth with rise in orders in coming quarters.

iv) The company continue to target 100% share of business in Thailand, it’s a sole supplier to companies such as Otani Radial, ND Rubber, Siam Rubber, Hihero, Union, BKF & Camel. Moreover, the company is continuously growing its exports market, it’s a largest supplier to the Sri Lanka tyre market with strong foot hold in other South East Asian countries like Vietnam and Malaysia.

v) Rajratan Global has registered sales CAGR of 2.8% and profit CAGR of 45.2% with ROE of 12.9% over last 5 years. The company has reduced its debt significantly over last couple of years with increase in operating margins.
Rajratan Global Wire Key Financial Ratio

vi) Rajratan Global has experienced core management team with strong Industry connect. Mr. Sunil Chordia is the Founder and MD of the company. He steered Rajratan Global towards significant growth in the tyre bead wire business and helped the company receive international approvals in short span of time. He possess over 27 years of experience and holds BSc, DCMA and MBA (finance) degrees. Mr. Yashovardhan Chordia looks after Thailand operations. He has worked as consultant for 3 years at Levers for change, he has experience in working on turn around projects for various sectors like Steel, Refinery, Refractory and Plastic.

vii) As of Sept’17, promoter’s shareholding in the company is at 63% out of which 16.41% shares is pledged. Promoters increased their shareholding by 0.72% in Sept’17 quarter, promoter’s shareholding in Jun’17 quarter was at 62.28%. Institution shareholding in the company is at 7.86%.

viii) The company is paying regular dividend since 2007. The company has paid dividend even during the years when it was in losses. The dividend yield is at 0.23%. 

ix) As per our estimates, Rajratan Global can deliver PAT of 21.71 crores in FY17-18 and Rs. 27.98 crores in FY18-19 with annualized EPS of Rs 49.89 and Rs. 64.32 respectively. At current price of 639, stock is available at forward P/E multiple of 9.9X based on FY18-19 earnings. Company’s valuation looks attractive considering strong earning visibility on account of planned expansion & robust growth outlook for tyre industry.

x) On equity of Rs. 4.35 crore, the estimated annualized EPS for FY18-19 works out to Rs. 64.32 and the Book Value per share is Rs. 244. At current market price of Rs. 639, stock price to book value is 2.62. 

Imposition of anti-dumping duty for 5 years and robust growth outlook of automobiles is expected to augur well for Indian tyre manufacturers in medium to long term. Considering company’s leadership position in domestic tyre bead wire market, continuity in growth momentum in its Thailand business with addition of new clients, planned expansion over 3 years to meet growing demand and attractive valuations of the company with comfortable debt level, Saral Gyan team recommends “Buy” on Rajratan Global Wire Ltd at current market price of Rs. 639 for target of Rs. 1250 over a period of 12 to 24 months. 

Buying Strategy:
  • 70% at current market price of 639 
  • 30% at price range of 520 - 550 (in case of correction in stock price in near term) 
Portfolio Allocation: 3% of your equity portfolio.

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Rajratan Global Wire Ltd is 1 out of those 65 multibagger stocks which have given returns in the range of more 200% to 9900% returns to our subscribers in period of 3 to 10 years. Team of equity analysts at Saral Gyan put lot of efforts & smart work to identify Hidden Gems (Unexplored Multibagger Small Cap Stocks) and Value Picks (Mid Caps with Plenty of Upside Potential) which not only grow your capital at a healthy rate but also ensures protection of your capital during market downturn.

Also Read : Hidden Gems SIP Returns of 395% Vs Small Cap Index returns of 181%

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The stocks we reveal through Hidden Gems & Value Picks are companies that are either under-researched or not covered by other brokers and research firms. We keep on updating our subscribers on our past recommendations suggesting them whether to hold / buy or sell stocks on the basis of company's performance and future growth outlook.

Time has shown that smart investors have made their fortune by investing in equities in long term. None other asset class can match giving you such extra ordinary returns. Yes, its important for you to invest in right set of companies at right price with medium to long term perspective. If you think to invest in stocks for period of 6 to 12 months, we suggest you to stay out of stock market because you are not investing, you are betting on volatility of stock market which could be risky. Subscribe to Hidden Gems & Value Picks and start investing systematically keeping a real long term view.

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Team - Saral Gyan