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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Worried About Bleeding Portfolio? Read This Immediately!

Dear Reader,

Staying invested may be easier said than done when the markets are in bear grip, but it is a necessity for long-term wealth creation. Patience will pay rich dividends to those investors who learn to weather the storm. In fact, investments made in right set of companies during bad market conditions rewards long term investors in much bigger way.

We strongly believe that this is a great time to buy good quality small and mid size companies that have been beaten down. No one is talking about small caps these days and that’s the strong reason why we should invest in this segment. It’s wise to be greedy when there is fear surrounding small and mid caps. This is not the first time small caps have fallen out of favour and then gone on to recover smartly.

Multibagger Small & Mid Caps - Long Term Investing ReportTo make our readers understand the benefits of staying invested for long term and continue investing in small caps and mid caps during bad times like we are experiencing now, we have released - Multibagger Small / Mid Caps and Long Term Investing Report recently on 10th July 2019.

This is a must read report for all those investors who started investing in equities over last 2 to 3 years and are worried now due to their bleeding portfolio, and do not have courage and conviction to invest further in small and mid caps.

The objective of this report is to understand why its utmost important to invest in equities (mainly small and mid caps) keeping a real long term view, becoming a discipline investor by investing in stocks during good as well as bad times to create wealth through equities. We are confident that this report will reinforce your believe to stay invested during these turbulent times in broader markets and build your conviction further encouraging you to invest in small and mid caps with good business fundamentals at cheap valuations.

Broadly, Multibagger Small / Mid Caps & Long Term Investing report covers:

1. 6 Major Reasons for Decline in Small & Mid Caps
2. Budget 2019 - Steps towards easing Liquidity Crisis
3. Benefits on Investing in Small & Mid Caps during Bear Phase
4. 2019 - A Year of Multibagger Opportunities
5. The Bulls, The Bears & The Farm
6. Long Term Charts of Small & Mid Caps

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Under this report, while looking at long term charts of the companies with normal / good businesses, you will realise that investors who entered in market by investing in small and mid caps during last 2 to 3 years have pain in their portfolio however those who invested in bad phase of market in 2011 - 2013 like that of today are still holding plenty of multibaggers in their portfolio. That is why its important to invest in equities keeping a real long term view. In fact, during turbulent times, we must increase investments / equity allocation in small / mid size companies which have good business fundamentals to get rewarded in big way in long run.

BSE Small Cap Index went up by 69% in 2014 and during this year numerous small and mid cap stocks turned multibagger delivering mind boggling returns. Scenario was similar in 2017 when BSE Small Cap Index rallied by 58%, later broader market went into bear grip with significant sell off in many small and mid caps due to expensive valuations and series of negatives developments over last 18 months as covered later.

We are experiencing lot of hopelessness along with fear towards equities in 2019.  The reason is the carnage in stock prices of many well-known established companies over last 18 months. Retail investors have taken the back foot and lost their faith and conviction towards investing in small and mid caps. We understand that it is really frustrating to see the Sensex and Nifty near to its all time highs while the BSE Small Cap and Mid Cap indices hovering at much lower levels compared to last year.

Since Jan 2018, Nifty and Sensex delivered positive returns of around 5%, where as BSE small cap index slumped 38%, and BSE mid cap index dropped 27%. Though these numbers tell us what the overall index lost, individual small and mid cap stocks were touching 52-week lows every other day and individual damage to most of the stocks in this category was to the tune of 50-70%, some even more than that.

When overall market sentiments are negative like we are witnessing now, quality businesses also face the heat. As bad stocks go down, good stocks go down with them too. But good companies make a stronger come back once economy cycle starts its upturn. The severe correction in broader market over last 18 months has given investors an opportunity to sieve through and find good quality stocks which are backed by strong balance-sheet and robust cash flow. The broad underperformance of the small and mid-caps seems to be overdone and interesting bottom-up opportunities are now available in this space across sectors. Earnings revival could also set the ball rolling in terms of re-rating these categories of stocks.

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Stay Invested & Keep Investing for Real Long Term. Bcoz "If you want your Money to Grow, Equities is the only Way to Go"

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Team - Saral Gyan

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