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Saturday, November 18, 2023

Hidden Gems Stocks - SIP Returns of 90.7% in 2.5 Years

Dear Member,

We thank you for your appreciation and support for making Hidden Gems as one of our most admired services. Hidden Gems ranks on top not only in performance but also on Google search engine. You can try it yourself by searching "Hidden Gems SIP" or "Unexplored Multibagger Small Caps" or "Best Hidden Gems Micro Caps" on Google, you will find our website featuring on top in search results. It's your appreciation and word of mouth publicity which make our website featuring on the 1st page in Google.

We are pleased to inform you that we registered maximum renewal of Hidden Gems and Hidden Gems combo options from our existing and old members during this festive season. Hidden Gems has a strong track record with many stocks turning out to be multibaggers over the last 12 years. 

It's a fact that 78 Hidden Gems stocks out of 120 released during the last 12 years have given more than 100% returns to our members. Moreover, 42 stocks out of these 78 are giving returns in the range of 400% to 7000% (i.e. 5-Baggers to 70-Bagger stocks). Stocks like Cera Sanitaryware, Camlin Fine Sciences, Acrysil, Balaji Amines, Kovai Medical, Wim Plast, Mayur Uniquoter, Dynemic Products, Roto Pumps, TCPL Packaging, Globus Spirits, Rajratan Global Wires, Stylam Industries, Control Print, Mold-Tek Packaging etc are some of our multi-bagger stocks which have given whopping returns in the range of 900% to 7000%.

You might think that investing in mutual funds could be one of the ways to start SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). However, returns may not be that high which you can generate by directly investing into good quality small and mid cap stocks. Hence, we suggest our members to start SIP by directly investing in stocks every month. What you are supposed to do is to invest your savings in a particular stock once in a month instead of putting it into a mutual fund. Next month, the same amount would be invested in another stock which at that point of time gives you a good medium to long term investment opportunity. This could be an ideal choice for salaried employees as well as businessmen / entrepreneurs, as it will help you to directly invest in fundamentally strong small and mid cap companies to build a diversified portfolio of high quality small and mid cap stocks over a period of time to achieve wealth creation.

Investing in stocks is a great way to build your diversified investment portfolio. It is a simple and time tested approach for accumulation of wealth in a disciplined manner. Simply get some savings from your monthly income and invest in equities for the long term. It not only allows you to save every month in a disciplined way but also helps you ride through ups and downs of the stock market.
Invest some portion of your monthly income in good companies without  timing the stock market and you will definitely get rewarded in the long run.
Just take care of Basic Principle of Investing in Equities:
1. Invest in the stock market with a long term view (3 - 7 years or more).
2. Invest in companies which are fundamentally strong with scalable business.
3. Follow a disciplined approach by Investing regularly in equities.
4. Build a diversified portfolio by investing in small & mid cap companies.
5. Avoid frequent buying / selling of stocks, It's trading not Investing!
6. Review performance of your holding companies at least once a year to decide whether to buy / sell or hold.
Hidden Gems Stocks - Average Returns of 90.7% in 2.5 Years

Hidden Gems continue to shine giving higher returns compared to all major indices. As on date, average returns of the last 24 Hidden Gems stocks released over the last 2.5 years is 90.7%. Below is the performance update of Hidden Gems stocks released over the last 2.5 years.
11 Hidden Gems stocks i.e. Lincoln Pharma, Pix Transmission, Ador Fontech Uni Abex Alloy Products, Cupid, Som Distilleries, Patels Airtemp, Dynamic Cables, Indag Rubber, Pakka and V2 Retail turned multibagger delivering returns in the range of 100% to 370% over the last 2.5 years.

Our other services like Value Picks, Nano Champs and Wealth-Builder also outperformed major indices over the last 3 years. Below is the performance update of Value Picks and Nano Champs.
Value Picks Stocks - Average Returns of 40.3% in 2.5 Years
Value Picks outperformed mid cap index delivering higher returns. As on date, average returns of the last 20 Value Picks stocks released over the last 2.5 years is 40.3%. Below is the performance update of  Value Picks stocks released over the last 2.5 years.
7 Value Picks stocks - Dalmia Bharat Sugar, Dhampur Sugar, Caplin Point, Surya Roshni, TTK Healthcare, Kewal Kiran Clothing and Technocraft Industries have achieved their target price delivering returns in the range of 55% to 185%.
Nano Champs Stocks - Average Returns of 40.3% in 1 Year
Nano Champs stocks have delivered average returns of 40.3% over the last one year. Two updates were released under Nano Champs service, the next update is expected to release in Dec 2023.
Time has shown that smart investors have made their fortune by investing in equities in the long term. None other asset class can match giving you such extraordinary returns. Yes, it's important for you to invest in the right set of companies at the right price keeping a real long term view.
Grow your Wealth by Investing in Potential Multibagger Stocks
Multibagger Hidden Gems Stocks
The stocks we reveal through Nano ChampsHidden Gems & Value Picks are companies that are either under-researched or not covered by other stock brokers and research firms. Remember, "If you want your Money to Grow, Equities is the only Way to Go" in the long term. If you think to invest in stocks for a period of 6 months or say 12 months, we suggest you to stay out of the stock market because you are not investing, you are betting on volatility of the stock market which could be risky. We keep on updating our members on our past recommendation suggesting them whether to hold / buy or sell stocks on the basis of the company's performance and future outlook.
If you have patience and want to add extra power in your portfolio, start investing some portion of your savings in fundamentally strong micro, small and mid cap companies Nano ChampsHidden Gems & Value Picks. Moreover, if you have invested in stocks and believe that your investments are not performing well, subscribe to our Wealth-Builder service and get your portfolio reviewed by us. We will review fundamentals of the companies you are holding and guide you which stocks to hold and which to exit. We will also review your equity investments across sectors and companies to ensure that your portfolio allocation is right and outperforms major indices giving you better returns in the medium to long term.

Do write to us in case of any queries, we will be delighted to assist you.

Wishing you Happy & Safe Investing!

Team - Saral Gyan