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Monday, March 13, 2023

Do Not Miss Investing in Best of Hidden Gems & Value Picks

Dear Member,

The ongoing market correction is giving a good opportunity to long term investors to add good quality small and mid caps at attractive to reasonable valuations. The broader market which was looking expensive in 2021 is turning attractive once again after steep fall in stock prices over the last 18 months. In fact, as most of the stocks are available again at reasonable to attractive valuations after almost 2 years, we recently released our special reports to allow our members to make some lumpsum long term investments. 

BSE Mid Cap Index made all time high of 27,246 in Oct 2021 and later witnessed correction of -22.9% making low of 20,999 in Jun 2022. Currently, BSE Mid Cap Index is at 24,170 i.e. down by around 11% from its peak of Oct 2021, where as many mid cap stocks are down by 20% to 70% from their peak prices.

Similarly, BSE Small Cap Index all time high is of 31,304 (made in Jan 2022), later during correction it made low of 23,304 in Jun 2022 and was down by 25.7%. Today, BSE Small Cap Index closed at 27,372 and is down by nearly 13% from its peak of Jan 2022, where as many small cap stocks are down by 30% to 80% from their peak prices.

“The first rule of investment is ‘buy low and sell high’, but many people fear to buy low because of the fear of the stock dropping even lower. Then you may ask: ‘When is the time to buy low?’ The answer is: When there is maximum pessimism.”
Sir John Templeton

Special Report - 5 Value Picks to Buy / Accumulate - Released on 12 Feb 2023

Post significant correction in small and mid caps, we reviewed our past recommendations released under Value Picks of last 3 years and short listed 5 Value Picks stocks which offer good long term investment opportunity and have potential to give excellent returns on your investment during next 2 – 3 years. These stocks are covered in our Special Report - 5 Value Picks to Buy / Accumulate which we released on 12 Feb 2023.

While short listing 5 stocks under Value Picks, we evaluated each company on the basis of I-B-M-V-E-D parameters (Industry, Business, Management, Valuations, Earnings Growth & Debt Management) and rated every parameter using a rating scale – E,V,G,F,P (E=Excellent, V=Very Good, G=Good, F=Fair, P=Poor)

One of the important key to successful investing is to pick the right business at decent valuations. We finalized these 5 stocks with a long term view (2-3 years) and find them better over other Value Picks stocks in terms of valuations, earning visibility, debt management and integrity of promoters towards their business and interest of minority shareholders.

The 5 Value Picks stocks which we finalized have a market capital in the range of 1800 crores to 9800 crores and seen a price correction between 20% to 65% from their peak (made is 2021 - 2022) without any major change in business fundamentals. We believe these stocks will outperform giving much better returns compared to broader indices in medium to long term. We advised our members to add these Value Picks in their portfolio with long term view. We suggested to start investing in these 5 Value Picks stocks with initial allocation of 1-2% and increase allocation gradually to 3-4% in staggered way in case stock prices of these companies falls by another 10% to 20% or more during ongoing market correction.
Important parameters which we looked into while finalizing stocks are as under:

1. Industry – Operating in Industry / sector which is expected to grow > 10% CAGR during next 3 years
2. Business – Leadership position in the business or one of its business segment in certain geography
3. Management – Prudent & trustworthy management keeping interest of minority share holders
4. Valuations – Reasonable / attractive valuations compared to peer group companies
5. Earnings – Consistent past performance & strong earning visibility with planned / recent expansion
6. Debt Management – Company is able to generate cash flows with low or reducing debt on books

If you wish to receive our Special Report - 5 Value Picks Stocks to Buy / Accumulate, you can subscribe to our Value Picks service

Special Report - 5 Hidden Gems to Buy / Accumulate - Released on 29 Jan 2023

We also released another Special Report - 5 Hidden Gems Stocks to Buy / Accumulate on 29 Jan 2023 covering small cap stocks. The 5 Hidden Gems stocks which covered in this report have a market capital below 700 crores and seen a price correction between 20% to 60% from their peak (made is 2021 - 2022). 

There is no major change in the business fundamentals of these companies, however stock price fell initially due to profit booking and later because of weak market sentiments. These stocks are expected to outperform giving much better returns in the long term. Hence, we suggested our members to add these stocks in their portfolio with long term view (2 to 3 years at least). We suggested our members to start investing in these 5 Hidden Gems stocks with initial allocation of 1-2% and increase allocation gradually to 3-4% in case of further fall in stock prices. Its always wise to accumulate stocks in staggered manner as stock prices remain weak during bear phase of the market and give good opportunities from time to time to accumulate them at lower levels.
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If you have patience and want to add extra power in your portfolio, start investing some portion of your savings in fundamentally strong small and mid cap companies - Hidden Gems and Value Picks.

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Hidden GemsRs. 14,000
Value PicksRs. 8,000
15% @ 90 DaysRs. 5,000
Wealth-BuilderRs. 28,000
Combo 1: HG + VP + WB + 15%Rs. 55,000 44,000 (20% OFF)
Combo 2: HG + VP + 15%Rs. 27,000 22,000 (20% OFF)
Combo 3: HG + VPRs. 22,000 19,000 (14% OFF)
Combo 4: HG + 15%Rs. 19,000 17,000 (11% OFF)
Combo 5: VP + 15%Rs. 13,000 11,500 (11% OFF)




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Team - Saral Gyan

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Are you Investing in these Micro Caps with 10X Potential?

 Dear Reader,

New investors who invested in the year 2020 - 2021 thinking that making money from stock market is very easy might have experienced the harsh reality looking at their losses in the year 2022, which further widened in the year 2023 with recent crash in stock prices of Adani group stocks. Since the equity market is volatile, it is advisable to invest for the medium to long term. Over last 18 months, many small and mid caps are down by 30% to 80% from their peak of 2021. Hence, its advisable to invest in equities keeping a real long term view and not just 1 to 2 years.

In a time frame of 5 years and beyond, even despite the volatility, markets tend to give an above average return. For example, Sensex has given a CAGR of 17% over the past 5 years which means investing for the long term is a gainful strategy.

It is often said that a consistent patient investor always wins in the long term. Warren Buffet rightly said that “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.”

We released our first issue of Nano Champs [Deeply Undervalued & Undiscovered Micro Caps] report on 09 Oct 2022. The objective of Nano Champs is to achieve 10X returns in a period of 6 years (6Y-10X). Under this service, we have researched on micro-sized companies with market capital of less 120 crores and put our efforts to identify the companies which are not only deeply undervalued but also have the potential to grow at faster pace.

The market capital of 10 Nano Champs stocks covered in the report is in the range of 25 crores to 120 crores. 
As there is always a higher risk involved while investing in micro caps, we have created a well diversified basket of 10 stocks from different sectors / industries. We advise our members to limit their maximum investment exposure in Nano Champs to 10 percent of their equity portfolio. It means, if your equity portfolio is of INR 10 lakh, the maximum allocation in Nano Champs will be 1 lakh i.e. 10k in each Nano Champs stock (maximum 10% in 10 Nano champs, maximum 1% of your equity portfolio in each Nano Champs).

In this report, for each Nano Champs stock, we have covered information related to:
i) Company's Business at a Glance (Important data points)
ii) Company's Background
iii) Financial Performance
iv) Investment Rationale
v) Recommendation & Buying Strategy

We will review these stocks on 6 monthly basis, we may also release an ad-hoc update in case of any major change or development happens in any of these particular companies. As Nano Champs are micro caps, the daily trading volume in some of Nano Champs is just a few thousand shares, hence its advisable to accumulate them over next few weeks / months as per buying strategy rather than aggressively buying them at one go.

Below is the performance update (as on date) of 10 Nano Champs stocks released on 09 Oct 2022.
Nano Champs performance update

As Dec'22 quarter results are declared by most of these companies, we will release update on these 10 Nano Champs soon.


  • Quality of Management - able & honest with good integrity
  • Promoter holding - should not be less than 45%
  • Pledging of shares by Promoters - should be nil
  • Demand & supply gap in the Industry - sustainability of business
  • Growth drivers - scalable business / catalyst in business
  • Cash Flows - Positive operating cash flows
  • Leverage - Debt to equity ratio should be less than 1.5
  • Capacity expansion - Capex and financing through equity / debt
  • Visibility of future growth - Expected revenue and profitability
  • Management of Accounts - Any change in accounting policy
  • Business valuations should be below its intrinsic value
  • Market capital to Revenue / Sales - should be less than 1
  • Relatively cheap business -  compared to peers and overall market











27 MAR11

56 CR






30 AUG11

123 CR






27 OCT11

126 CR






05 AUG12

32 CR






25 NOV12

51 CR






31 JAN13

65 CR






29 JUL14

52 CR






10 APR16

100 CR






08 MAY16

159 CR






30 AUG17

166 CR




These companies were covered under Hidden Gems service over last 10 years, all above companies market capital was less than 200 crores at the time of recommendation. Over last 7 to 11 years, companies like Acrysil (51 Cr), Camlin Fine Sciences (56 Cr), Kovai Medical (126 Cr), TCPL Packaging (65 Cr), Roto Pumps (32 Cr) etc. have multiplied investment by 20X to 50X. You can click on the download link to access these reports.

Ongoing market correction is giving good opportunity to long term investors to start accumulating good quality companies at lower levels. Do not get panic if you recently started investing, riding through difficult times in equities is most important step towards long term wealth creation. In fact, we need to be greedy when others are fearful. If you wish to receive our first issue of Nano Champs you can subscribe to the service. 




Nano Champs– 1 Year  - Rs 12.000


Nano Champs– 3  Year - Rs. 30,000


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Team - Saral Gyan

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Kabra Extrusion Technik - Our 9-Bagger Stock in 4 Years

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to inform you that our Hidden Gem stock of Oct'18 - Kabra Extrusion Ltd (BSE Code: 524109, NSE Code: KABRAEXTRU) is a 9-Bagger stock for our Hidden Gems members in period of 4 years. 

Our team suggested Buy on Kabra Extrusion Technik Ltd as Hidden Gem stock at price of Rs. 72.15 on 30 Dec 2018. Kabra Extrusion Technik stock price made all time high of Rs. 645 recently and closed at Rs. 620 on Friday giving absolute returns of 760% i.e. almost 9 times returns in a period of 4 years against double digit returns of Sensex & Nifty in the same period.

We picked Kabra Extrusion Technik as Hidden Gem stock when the company's market capital was 230 crores, today its almost a 2,000 crore market cap company.

Below is the summary of Kabra Extrusion Technik Ltd shared by our team under Hidden Gem stock - Oct'18 report released on 30 Dec 2018.

1. Company  Background (As on 30 Dec 2018)

Kabra Extrusion Technik Ltd
Kabra Extrustion technik Ltd. is the flagship company of Kolsite group and one of the largest players in the plastic extrusion machinery known for its innovative offerings. The company specializes in providing plastic extrusion machinery for manufacturing pipes and films. It has two manufacturing locations in Daman. The plastic extrusion machinery industry’s prospects appear positive in the long term. 

The Kolsite group is known for being the pioneer of various technologically advanced plastic extrusion solutions. Kolsite group under its roof has 4 flagship companies dealing in different avenues like extrusion machinery, master batches, secondary packaging.

Kolsite group of companies: 

▪ Kabra Extrusion technik Limited (KET) 
▪ Plastiblends India Limited (PBI) 
▪ Maharashtra Plastic & Industries Limited (MPI) 
▪ Kolsite Corporation LLP – Agency Division (KCLLP) 

Kolsite Group commenced its operations in the year 1962 at a small factory in Tardeo that had a total area of 800 square feet. Mr. SV Kabra left his traditional business and ventured into the plastics Industry. In 1962, the industry was at a very nascent stage, and he decided venture into processing and while processing he faced various issues with the machinery which eventually encouraged him to manufacture machinery for plastic extrusion. 

The group entered into joint ventures with the Global players of this field to soon become a leader in Plastic Extrusion Machinery in India. Since then, the company is known for being the pioneers of various technologically advanced plastic extrusion plants. The group has completed 55 years of its existence.

The company has global presence in ~90 countries. Kabra Extrusion technik has one of the largest sales & services network in India and equally efficient agencies in South Africa, Turkey, Middle East, South East Asia & Latin America. This helps the company to cater broader spectrum of clients and enhance its capabilities as a manufacturing company. 

Kabra Extrusion technik has 2 state-of-the manufacturing facilities with a combined area of about 83820 sq. m. These facilities consist of Administration Buildings, Govt. recognised in-house R & D Unit, Quality Testing Units, Machine Tool Equipment & Paint Shop. The company has one of the largest R & D team in the Plastics Machinery Industry with more than 45 dedicated engineers working in different areas of processing, manufacturing, application development, design, controls and automation.

Mr. SV Kabra is the Chairman and founder of the Kolsite Group of companies and has been the main driving force behind its growth over the last 54 years. In 2013, he was awarded with the Outstanding Achievement Award at Vinyl India 2013 conference for his pioneer work in the domestic plastic industry. He has been on the management & executive councils of many reputed plastics organizations in India. SV Kabra has done BA in Economics (Honours) from Mumbai University. 

Mr. SN Kabra is the co-founder of the Kolsite Group and Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of the company. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has strong techno-commercial experience. Since 1960s, he has been instrumental in defining company's strategies, business goals and overall development initiatives.

Global Plastic Industry Growth Outlook 

The global plastics industry is witnessing continuous shift of manufacturing bases to lowcost countries specifically India. This coupled with rise in the number of new manufacturing establishments are building India’s image as a prime driver of growth in the plastics industry.

The plastic pipe industry has registered a 15% growth and is likely to maintain the same growth rate in coming years. Within the industry, the organized plastic pipe segment is estimated at around 60%, and is likely to register even higher growth driven by shift from unorganized to organized segment and government focus on agriculture, micro-irrigation, low cost housing projects and pick up in infrastructure growth.

Moreover, packaging sector is one of the major consumers of plastics followed by agriculture and infrastructure. Flexible packaging has been the fastest growing sectors in the packaging industry over the past 10 years driven by changing lifestyle patterns of growing middle class and focus on convenience and sustainability. Further, this segment is expected to grow exponentially going ahead. 

Flexible packaging is the most economical format of packaging, preserving and distributing goods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and products demanding extended shelf life. Management highlighted that the global market for flexible packaging is expected to grow at an annual average rate of 3.4% during the 2015-2020 (over 20% in case of India) period reaching USD 248 million. Food packaging occupies over 70% of the world consumer flexible packaging market and is growing by 4.0% on average in volume terms.

Currently, while North America dominates the global flexible packaging market, however Asia Pacific is expected to catch up owing to increasing disposable incomes and rising demand and changing packaging trends in the end user segment. Significant increase in demand for beverages, packaged foods, pharmaceuticals and personal care products are the growth drivers in India and neighbouring countries.

2. Recent Developments (As on 30 Dec 2018)

i) Promoters increased stake in the company through open market purchase – Dec 2018

During Sept’18 quarter, promoters have increased their stake in the company by 0.4%. Promoters continue to increase their stake in Dec’18 quarter also through open market purchase. Refer to pdf file for  the details of transactions made by promoters since Aug’18.

ii) Kabra Extrusion technik & Battenfeld Cincinnati extend cooperation – Nov 2018

Kabra Extrusion technik Limited & Battenfeld Cincinnati, Germany (world’s leading extrusion machinery manufacturer) have announced further extension of their cooperation beyond 2026.

The two companies have been in partnership since 1983 and the existing technology agreement, valid until the year 2026 has been extended further by enlarging the scope and making it more comprehensive and inclusive. Gerold Schley – CEO and Dr. Henning Stieglitz – CTO of Battenfeld Cincinnati along with S V Kabra - Chairman and Anand Kabra Managing Director of Kabra Extrusion technik Ltd were in discussion for the last few months, on the ways to create a platform and understanding between the two companies, so that the cooperation extends beyond 2026 and is mutually beneficial to both the companies.

iii) Kabra Extrusiontechnik enters a strategic partnership with Unicor GmbH – Oct 2016

Kabra Extrusion technik Limited & Unicor GmbH entered into a strategic partnership to provide a fully integrated extrusion solutions for the Indian & global plastics corrugated pipe industry.

The collaboration plans to make corrugated pipe machines in India using Unicor expertise with Kabra Extrusion technik manufacturing capabilities to offer value for money solutions in India as well as other strategic markets. 

Unicor has unique expertise in providing customized solutions for customers. The company has been in business for over 30 years and enjoys Global leadership status with strong customer base in more than 50 countries. Unicor’s range of products include various types of machines for all applications – electrical, medical, automotive, water, sewer pipes etc. with pipe diameters from 3 mm until 2400 mm. Unicor’s products are extremely versatile, aimed at providing higher productivity and better energy efficiency. 

iv) Kabra Extrusion technik enters a joint venture with Extron Mecanor – Oct 2016

Kabra Extrusion technik Limited & Extron Mecanor inked a joint venture to provide a One Stop Shop approach to extrusion solutions for the global plastics processing industry.

Extron Mecanor from Finland is a pioneer in pipe socketing & belling solutions. Extron-Mecanor has unique expertise in providing customized solutions for customers. It has been in business for over 35 years and making sales in nearly 50 countries. Besides high quality machinery, they provide guaranteed after sales service and have expertise in working out the best solutions. Extron-Mecanor’s product range includes solutions for pipe belling and socketing, Pipe, rain gutter, profile packaging, and seal ring inserting.

3. Financial Performance (As on 30 Dec 2018)

Kabra Extrusion technik standalone net profit rose 663.87% in the Sept 2018 quarter 

Net profit of Kabra Extrusion technik rose 663.87% to Rs 9.09 crore in the quarter ended September 2018 as against Rs 1.19 crore during the previous quarter ended September 2017. Sales declined 9.94% to Rs 46.56 crore in the quarter ended September 2018 as against Rs 51.73 crore during the previous quarter ended September 2017. 

Kabra Extrusion technik reports standalone net loss of Rs 2.36 crore in the June 2018 quarter

Net Loss of Kabra Extrusion technik reported to Rs 2.36 crore in the quarter ended June 2018 as against net loss of Rs 2.33 crore during the previous quarter ended June 2017. Sales declined 8.05% to Rs 43.73 crore in the quarter ended June 2018 as against Rs 47.56 crore during the previous quarter ended June 2017.

Kabra Extrusion Technik Financial Performance

As per our estimates, the company will perform better over next 2 years with increase in Government spending with higher focus towards agriculture and infrastructure sector to boost rural growth

4. Peer Group Comparison (As on 30 Dec 2018)

Kabra Extrusion Technik Competitors

5. Key Concerns / Risks (As on 30 Dec 2018)

i) Domestic extrusion machinery segment is highly fragmented, characterized by presence of various small and micro players which limits pricing power. Therefore, the company is exposed to competition from domestic players and imported extrusion machinery. Also, the segment is technology-intensive and is susceptible to the risk of technological obsolescence. However, the same is mitigated partly through company’s technological tie-ups and collaboration with international players such as Battenfeld-cincinnati (Germany), Unicore Gmbh, Extron Mecanor, Penta Srl Italy. 

ii) The demand for extrusion machinery is linked to the capital expenditure (capex) programme of plastic products manufacturers. The performance of the company depends on the growth and demand in the end user industries i.e. plastic pipes, irrigation and agriculture pipes and flexible packaging and their capex cycle. Any slowdown or delay in the capex of these industries can have negative implications on the company’s business.

6. Saral Gyan Recommendation (As on 30 Dec 2018)

i) The plastic pipe industry has registered growth of ~15 percent and is likely to maintain the same growth rate in coming years. Within the industry, the organized plastic pipe segment is likely to register even higher growth driven by shift from unorganized to organized segment. Moreover, government focus on agriculture, micro-irrigation, low cost housing projects and pick up in infrastructure growth will augur well for overall demand of plastic pipes. Moreover, packaging film industry is also expected to grow at a healthy rate, driven by food industry, personal care and pharma products. Kabra Extrusion technik being the largest player in the plastic extrusion machinery with diversified product portfolio backed by strong management team is expected to be the direct beneficiary. 

ii) The company continued its focus on marketing activities and strengthening its agent network by participating in various trade fairs and exhibitions. It has made significant inroads in many new markets. During FY17-18, the company participated in exhibitions like PlastIndia, Plast Eurasia, Plastic & Rubber – Indonesia, Plast Alger, etc. to showcase its product portfolio to strengthen its geographical base as well as clientele. The company demonstrated live and launched Smart Faktory – A digital extrusion platform at PlastIndia show - 2018. Smart Faktory is a value adding part of production process, generates real customer benefits by exploring new opportunities from smart data to ensure real time control & decision for optimisation of product as well as operations.

iii) The company has also initiated effective steps to widen its products portfolio by entering into joint venture with M/s. Penta SRL, Italy. Joint venture company, Penta Auto Feeding India Ltd. has already started manufacturing and supply of auto feeding systems. The company has also undertaken manufacturing of belling machines through its subsidiary, Kabra Mecanor Belling Technik Pvt. Ltd., and manufacture corrugators with technology from Unicor GmbH, Germany. The company has also imported technology to manufacture flat-drip laterals extrusion lines from Metzerplas Industries Ltd., Israel. 

iv) The company has registered sales CAGR of 8.3%, profit CAGR of 18.9% with ROE of 11.3% over last 5 years. We expect company performance to improve going forward with increase in capex in micro-irrigation, low cost housing sector and pick up in infrastructure growth.
Kabra Extrusion Technik  Return Ratios
v) Kabra Extrusion technik has ventured into corrugated pipes with its collaboration with Unicor. Corrugated pipe is one of the fastest growing segments in the pipe industry considering its higher acceptance over cement pipes in sewage and drainage applications. The company has also introduced other new products like pipe extrusion lines for foam core pipes, co-rotating twin screw extruders and compounding machines and lines for lead free compounds and processing applications. Expansion of the product range across the value chain is expected to augur well for the company in medium to long term. 

vi) Kabra Extrusion technik through constant R&D and Innovation has introduced several products and solutions for the first time in the plastic extrusion industry since 1970. Moreover, the company is having global collaborations and technical tie ups with the leading companies in plastic industry, as Battenfeld-Cincinnati (GermanyAustria-USA), Penta SRL (Italy), Greiner (Austria), Unicor (Germany), Extron Mecanor (Finland). Long term partnerships with global suppliers for access to latest technology and to increase product offerings will support company to stay ahead of the competition. This is critical as technological obsolescence could be a key risk in the industry. 

vii) The company is serving business requirement of many reputed players in the plastic pipe and flexible packaging industry. Companies like Supreme Industries, Finolex Industries, Astral Poly Technik, Uflex, Ashirwad Pipes, Prince Pipes Systems etc are clients of Kabra Extrusion technik. As end industry grows with rise in demand and shift of business from unorganized to organized players, Kabra Extrusion technik with its diversified client base and strong execution track record is expected to grow as well. 

viii) As on Sept’18, promoter’s shareholding in the company is 57.09% without pledging of any shares. Promoters have increased their shareholding by 0.4% over last 6 months, increase in shareholding by promoters is positive indicating their confidence in future growth prospects of the company. Institutional shareholding in the company is low at 1.19%.
Kabra Extrusion Technik Promoter Shareholding
ix) The company is paying regular dividend to its shareholders. It paid dividend of Rs. 2 per share for FY2017-18. At current price, dividend yield is 2.78 percent. Moreover, the company has rewarded shareholders by issuing bonus share in the ratio of 1:1 in the year 2010. 

x) As per our estimates, Kabra Extrusion technik Ltd can deliver net profit of Rs. 23.45 crores in FY 2019-20 with annualized EPS of Rs. 7.35. At current price of 72.15, stock is available at forward P/E multiple of 9.8X based on FY19-20 earnings. Company’s valuation looks attractive considering expected increase in its profitability with rise in Govt spending towards improvement in rural infrastructure with focus on low cost housing and sanitary facilities. 

xi) On equity of Rs. 15.95 crore, the estimated annualized EPS for FY 19-20 works out to Rs. 7.35 and the Book Value per share is Rs. 73.19. At current market price of Rs. 72.15, stock price to book value is 0.99.

Considering secular growth opportunity in the agriculture and infrastructure industry with government focus on micro-irrigation, low cost housing projects and infrastructure development, double digit growth expected in flexible packaging industry driven by rising demand of packaged food products, personal care products and pharmaceuticals, company’s strong track record in installation and after sales service of plastic extrusion machinery, rich product portfolio, experienced management team with back up of global collaborations with the leading companies in plastic industry and and a debt free balance sheet, Saral Gyan team recommends “Buy” on Kabra Extrusion technik Ltd at current market price of Rs. 72.15 for target of Rs. 145 over a period of 12 to 24 months. 

Buying Strategy: 

▪ 80% at current market price of Rs. 72.15 
▪ 20% at price range of Rs. 55 – 60 (in case of correction in stock price) 

Portfolio Allocation: 3% of your equity portfolio 

To Read / Download Saral Gyan Hidden Gem - Oct'18 Research Report - Click Here

Kabra Extrusion Technik Ltd is 1 out of those 65 multibagger stocks which have given returns in the range of more 200% to 9900% returns to our subscribers in period of 3 to 10 years. Team of equity analysts at Saral Gyan put lot of efforts & smart work to identify Hidden Gems (Unexplored Multibagger Small Cap Stocks) and Value Picks (Mid Caps with Plenty of Upside Potential) which not only grow your capital at a healthy rate but also ensures to guide you to make lump sum investments during bear phase of the market so that you make maximum out of your investments during bull phase of the market.

Also Read : Hidden Gems SIP Returns of 395% Vs Small Cap Index returns of 181%

Nano Champs, Hidden Gems and Value Picks, we are providing you opportunities to invest in micro, small / mid cap stocks today. Infosys, Pantaloon, Dabur, Glenmark were the small cap stocks in past and today are the well known companies falling under mid and large cap space.

The stocks we reveal through Nano ChampsHidden Gems & Value Picks are companies that are either under-researched or not covered by other brokers and research firms. We keep on updating our subscribers on our past recommendations suggesting them whether to hold / buy or sell stocks on the basis of company's performance and future growth outlook.

Time has shown that smart investors have made their fortune by investing in equities in long term. None other asset class can match giving you such extra ordinary returns. Yes, its important for you to invest in right set of companies at right price with medium to long term perspective. If you think to invest in stocks for period of 6 to 12 months, we suggest you to stay out of stock market because you are not investing, you are betting on volatility of stock market which could be risky.

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Team - Saral Gyan