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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Indian Stock Market Indices - Sensex & Nifty

Sensex & Nifty are more often interpreted collectively with different market records, as both indices are the roots of the Indian stock market. Representing the BSE and NSE respectively, Sensex & Nifty mirror the value of a company in the active stock market.

A group of 30 companies marks Sensex whereas Nifty exhibits the performance of 50 companies. If you read or listen to any Sensex news, Nifty news automatically follows, as the Indian market is incomplete without the figures displayed at these two stock exchange bases. Given the high volatility of the indian stock market represented by the Sensex & Nifty, the layman may find it difficult to understand the fluctuating nature. With expertise, this drawback can be negated.

BSE Sensex puts a close attention on Indian companies and corporate conglomerates like Reliance, Tata, Bharti Airtel, DLF Limited, HDFC, Grasim Industries etc. These companies are the active part of the cluster of thirty companies which run with this index. Index weightage is derived and calculated by using "free-float market capitalization" strategy that proved to be very effective in long run.

As an investor, you can stay informed about the rise and fall of stock prices by watching either Sensex news or the Sensex index. Making intelligent assessments and acting consequently to be successful in the stock market. The BSE has over 6000 companies in its listing, the greatest number in the world. With its 134 plus years of market presence and given its breakthrough role in the formation of the Indian capital market, Sensex has come a long way and the era of the Indian stock market is calculated from the day of the founding of the BSE. Any investment involves the risk factor and the BSE is no exception. Similar is the case of NSE. Stay updated with the latest performance of the Sensex & Nifty to experience a winning rim.

Market fluctuation is obvious in the Indian stock market, and if you are finely tuned to investment strategies, you will definitely gain. Many investment and stock broking platforms like Reuters India provide effective advices and quotes including the A-Z of the performance of Indian markets and world markets. Moreover, the stock recommendations displayed at such platforms, can bring a difference in your investment approach.