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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Its time to Invest in Best of Hidden Gems & Value Picks

 Dear Member,

The ongoing market correction is giving a good opportunity to long term investors to add good quality small and mid caps at attractive to reasonable valuations. The broader market which was looking expensive in 2021 is turning attractive once again after steep fall in stock prices over the last 18 months. In fact, as most of the stocks are available again at reasonable to attractive valuations after almost 2 years, we recently released our special reports to allow our members to make some lumpsum long term investments.

BSE Mid Cap Index made all time high of 27,246 in Oct 2021 and later witnessed correction of -22.9% making low of 20,999 in Jun 2022. Currently, BSE Mid Cap Index is at 23,447 i.e. down by around 14% from its peak of Oct 2021, where as many mid cap stocks are down by 20% to 70% from their peak prices.

Similarly, BSE Small Cap Index all time high is of 31,304 (made in Jan 2022), later during correction it made low of 23,304 in Jun 2022 and was down by 25.7%. Today, BSE Small Cap Index closed at 26,189 and is down by nearly 17% from its peak of Jan 2022, where as many small cap stocks are down by 30% to 80% from their peak prices.

“The first rule of investment is ‘buy low and sell high’, but many people fear to buy low because of the fear of the stock dropping even lower. Then you may ask: ‘When is the time to buy low?’ The answer is: When there is maximum pessimism.”
Sir John Templeton

Special Report - 5 Value Picks to Buy / Accumulate - Released on 12 Feb 2023

Post significant correction in small and mid caps, we reviewed our past recommendations released under Value Picks of last 3 years and short listed 5 Value Picks stocks which offer good long term investment opportunity and have potential to give excellent returns on your investment during next 2 – 3 years. These stocks are covered in our Special Report - 5 Value Picks to Buy / Accumulate which we released on 12 Feb 2023.

While short listing 5 stocks under Value Picks, we evaluated each company on the basis of I-B-M-V-E-D parameters (Industry, Business, Management, Valuations, Earnings Growth & Debt Management) and rated every parameter using a rating scale – E,V,G,F,P (E=Excellent, V=Very Good, G=Good, F=Fair, P=Poor)

One of the important key to successful investing is to pick the right business at decent valuations. We finalized these 5 stocks with a long term view (2-3 years) and find them better over other Value Picks stocks in terms of valuations, earning visibility, debt management and integrity of promoters towards their business and interest of minority shareholders.

The 5 Value Picks stocks which we finalized have a market capital in the range of 1800 crores to 9800 crores and seen a price correction between 20% to 65% from their peak (made is 2021 - 2022) without any major change in business fundamentals. We believe these stocks will outperform giving much better returns compared to broader indices in medium to long term. We advised our members to add these Value Picks in their portfolio with long term view. We suggested to start investing in these 5 Value Picks stocks with initial allocation of 1-2% and increase allocation gradually to 3-4% in staggered way in case stock prices of these companies falls by another 10% to 20% or more during ongoing market correction.
Important parameters which we looked into while finalizing stocks are as under:

1. Industry – Operating in Industry / sector which is expected to grow > 10% CAGR during next 3 years
2. Business – Leadership position in the business or one of its business segment in certain geography
3. Management – Prudent & trustworthy management keeping interest of minority share holders
4. Valuations – Reasonable / attractive valuations compared to peer group companies
5. Earnings – Consistent past performance & strong earning visibility with planned / recent expansion
6. Debt Management – Company is able to generate cash flows with low or reducing debt on books

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Special Report - 5 Hidden Gems to Buy / Accumulate - Released on 29 Jan 2023

We also released another Special Report - 5 Hidden Gems Stocks to Buy / Accumulate on 29 Jan 2023 covering small cap stocks. The 5 Hidden Gems stocks which covered in this report have a market capital below 700 crores and seen a price correction between 20% to 60% from their peak (made is 2021 - 2022). 

There is no major change in the business fundamentals of these companies, however stock price fell initially due to profit booking and later because of weak market sentiments. These stocks are expected to outperform giving much better returns in the long term. Hence, we suggested our members to add these stocks in their portfolio with long term view (2 to 3 years at least). We suggested our members to start investing in these 5 Hidden Gems stocks with initial allocation of 1-2% and increase allocation gradually to 3-4% in case of further fall in stock prices. Its always wise to accumulate stocks in staggered manner as stock prices remain weak during bear phase of the market and give good opportunities from time to time to accumulate them at lower levels.
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