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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hidden Gems Flash Back Report - Update of 21 Small Caps

Dear Readers,

We thank you for your overwhelming response towards our first issue of Hidden Gems - Flash Back Report. In last couple of hours (since release of our report), we have received dozen of appreciation mails from our existing as well as new subscribers.

Below is the feedback we received today from Mr. Naveen Kumar, Hyderabad (Hidden Gems subscriber since Nov'11):

Dear Saral Gyan Team,

Appreciate your efforts and  your flash back report which will help me to sell unwanted stocks and have more exposure in some of the better performers.

Good Job!


The objective of this report is to share the past performance of Hidden Gems recommended by our equity research in last 2 years along with our views and recommendations suggesting which stocks to hold and which to buy or sell. This report contains update of 21 Hidden Gems research reports published by our equity analysts in last 2 years (Sept'10 onwards). 

Flash Back report covers company's first quarter results, recent updates & development along with Saral Gyan views and recommendation. It will help all our members to rebalance their small cap stocks portfolio by buying or selling previous recommended Hidden Gems stocks. In other words, out of these 21 stocks, you can identify the best seeds which you need to nurture and the weeds which you need to cut down.

We shared this report will all our past subscribers so that none of our member miss on the Hidden Gems updates and take necessary action to tune his / her equity portfolio.

If you find it difficult to decide on your equity investments to reap maximum returns, simply subscribe to Hidden Gems. In last 2 years, Hidden Gems delivered maximum average returns of +67%, average returns as on date is +29% compared to negative average returns of -14% of small cap index.  

Its a fact that 6 out of 21 Hidden Gems stocks recommended in last 2 years gave more than 100% returns to our investors. That's not all, another 2 stocks are ready to cross 100% returns in next couple of months to take the tally to 8.    

Below is the past performance of Hidden Gems stocks (last 2 years):

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Moving forward, Hidden Gems Flash Back report will be shared on quarterly basis with all active subscribers of Hidden Gems, report will provide complete update on Hidden Gems research reports published in last 2 years. Stocks with 100% exit suggested by our equity analysts in case of complete profit booking / losses will not get covered later in next issue of Hidden Gems Flash Back report.


Team - Saral Gyan
Saral Gyan Capital Services