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Monday, June 20, 2011

Launching Soon - WEALTH-BUILDER (An Offline PMS)

Dear Readers,

With all bad news revolving around the world markets, Indian stock market continue to tumble and broken important support level today. We expect that Nifty can go further down to test low levels of 4850-5100. 

Current stock market condition may be disturbing you but its a good opportunity to make fresh investments as right time is approaching to enter in stock market. Its a fact that no body can time the market but shaky times give an opportunity to invest in right stocks at discounted prices especially when long term growth story is intact.

But can you manage your investments on your own? Do you fear giving your hard earned money to brokerage houses or anyone else to manage? Have you experienced losing money on numerous tips offered by your relationship manager and then suffered due to following reasons:

1. Having a portfolio which lags benchmark indices or performs badly

2. Worries and sleepless nights due to fear of loosing your hard earned money

3. High Sign up fees and hidden charges for your portfolio management

4. High Management and Administration fees

5. High brokerage especially on account of over churning of your portfolio

Well, if you have suffered any of above bad experiences and now want to manage your investments on your own under the professional guidance, WEALTH-BUILDER is the solution for you.
We are delighted to share that we are launching WEALTH-BUILDER soon, an offline portfolio management services. This service will help investors to manage their portfolio by their own under the guidance of Saral Gyan experts.


The basic objective of this service is to build wealth by investing in portfolio of selected stocks through a focused and disciplined approach. Our equity analysts team is committed to protect your capital and grow it at a healthy rate by focusing on wealth enhancement.

The strategy is to acquire equities of strong and profitable businesses at market prices well below their intrinsic value. Using Wealth-Builder, you can experience in real time how wealth can be created.


1. Wealth-Builder is an alternative solution to various mutual funds and regular PMS offerings.

2. An ideal service for investors looking for professional guidance for investing in stocks directly to build wealth over the years.

3. Ensures saving of hefty fees and charges. One time nominal annual subscription charge in place of regular administration / management fee, entry / exit load charges, brokerage and commission on profits.

4. Refund of subscription charges if Saral Gyan Wealth-Builder portfolio underperform major indices like Sensex or Nifty during the year.


This is suiable for Investors who can.... 

1. Allocate a minimum sum of 2 lakh (0.2 million) Rupees towards equity investment using Wealth Builder.

2. Strictly adapt to the portfolio changes as suggested by Wealth-Builder guide within a period of 2 days.

3. Understand the huge potential of small cap stocks and the risk associated with them.

4. Have the acceptance to High Risk – High Reward ratio and have considerable risk tolerance.

5. Looks at wealth building over the years and not on instant profits or short term gains

We will share the unique features, advantages and benefits of WEALTH-BUILDER with our readers on the day of its launch. So, have patience and wait for the right opportunity to invest and build wealth by creating a strong stock portfolio.


Saral Gyan Team