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SG - Hidden Gems

To find out the right stock which may give you exponential returns on your investment in future is not an easy task. Small cap stocks hold much bigger pie as compared to mid cap and large cap stocks, hence requires extensive research.

Saral Gyan offers indepth and extensive research reports of small companies in terms of market capital. Financial Analyst and Experts in Saral Gyan covers a large universe of small cap stocks and evaluate all key parameters of various companies in a particular sector to explore hidden gems. (also known as multibagger stocks)

Our team of research analysts exclusively do research work and analysis to explore such hidden Gems. Further filtering is done on the basis of company future expansion plans, current earnings, dividend paying history, management views etc. As a result of extensive research every month, we identify one Hidden Gem and prepare complete research report.

On subscription to Hidden Gem section, subscriber will get one hidden gem stock research report on monthly basis. We offer annual subscription and provide extensive research report of 1 Hidden Gem stock every month. The annual subscription charge for Hidden Gem services is INR 10,000 / $ 180 only.

Stellar Performance: 39 Hidden Gems out of 52 during last 6 years (2010 - 2015) gave more than 100% returns to Hidden Gems subscribers. To read complete article, Click here.

Hidden Gems - December 2011 Research Report:

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