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Friday, November 18, 2011

Multibagger Candidates - Grab Best 3 Small Cap Stocks

High Inflation, High interest rates, rising crude oil prices, weak IIP numbers, Europe crisis, rising dollar - All these factors are hurting sentiments of investors and keeping them away from investing in equities. Can you imagine, retail participation in India in terms of investments in stock market is at 3 years low.

There are hundred of stocks which not only tested 52 week low but now are available at 3-5 years low. After such a severe correction in prices of small and mid cap stocks, is there more pain left for investors?

After Nifty breaching levels of 5200 technicals suggest that Nifty can test previous lows of 4700, that means correction of another 5% on major indices. Who knows, in case of any more bad news, Nifty may break recent lows of 4700 as well.

Is this really bad? Are you worried? You should not! 

Its a fact that nobody in this universe can time the stock market but its wise for medium & long term investors to invest during tough times. Using this approach, Investors can bet on stocks which are fundamentally strong and are trading below their intrinsic value, you can get them cheap due to poor economic conditions and negative sentiments of investors. And once sentiments turn to positive, it rewards investors who entered during market lows giving great returns to them on their investments. A right approach towards equities - buy at low, sell at high.

Hence, you must consider this as an opportunity to invest in stocks for medium to long term. 

So in which stocks you can invest in?

You can invest in small, mid as well as large cap stocks of sectors which are heavily discounted. Small and Mid cap stocks are more volatile compared to large cap because of low liquidity. Hence, during bad times, they experience more pain in terms of falling prices. But good small and mid cap companies with sound fundamentals can give you multibagger returns in medium to long term.

Multibagger Candidates - Hidden Gems

It gives us immense pleasure to share that Saral Gyan - Hidden Gems (unexplored multibagger micro/small cap stocks) outperformed major indices during last one year giving great returns to our Hidden Gems subscribers during bad times of stock market.

2 Multibaggers in 12 Months

Equity analysts team at Saral Gyan gives 100% to identify the best investment candidates, objective is not only to protect your capital but also to grow it at healthy rate. Below  are the two stocks which gave more than 100% returns to our Hidden Gems members in last one year.

i) Sri Adhikari Brother Television Network Ltd was recommended in Sept 2010 at a price of Rs. 41 has made a new high of Rs. 85 recently. 100% returns in period of one year.

ii) Camlin Fine Sciences (earlier known as Camlin Fine Chemicals) was recommended in March 2011 at a price of Rs. 60 has made new 52 week high couple of days back at Rs. 152. Returns of more than 150% on your investment in short span of just 8 months.

Equity analyst team at Saral Gyan do not just recommend the stocks but share authentic and unbiased research reports which help you understand the company's business along with growth opportunities and guide you to make an educated investment decision.

Click on the Download link to read /download Hidden Gems research reports:

Hidden Gem - Sept 2010 Research Report - Download

Hidden Gem - March 2011 Research Report - Download 

Below is the performance of Hidden Gems of last one year (upto July) recommended by our equity analyst team:

(click on the image if not visible)

Grab Best 3 Small Cap Stocks

Now, you have an opportunity to grab best 3 small cap stocks by subscribing to Hidden Gems annual subscription. Yes, you read it right! We will share 3 Hidden Gems research reports published in past  (February, June and August 2011) by our equity analysts team in which you can make fresh investments.

These 3 Hidden Gems are the small cap companies which belong to different sectors and can do extremely well on bourses in next 3-6 quarters. These companies have registered impressive  topline and bottom line growth in Q1 & Q2 of this financial year, have very limited downside risk and can be added in your portfolio.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Hidden Gems and Grab Best 3 Small Cap Stocks to power your equity portfolio. Good News! You need not to pay any additional cost other than annual subscription charge (Rs. 7500 / $ 155) for grabbing best 3 Hidden Gem stocks. Under annual subscription, you with receive total 12 Hidden Gems monthly research reports. Hurry! Offer closes on 30th Nov 2011.

Now you can pay online using your credit card, online fund transfer using NEFT of by depositing cheque. Click here to view the payment options available.

Do write to us in case of any queries.

Wish you happy & safe investing!

-Saral Gyan Team.