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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hidden Gems Enjoy No. 1 Ranking in Google

Dear Reader,

We are glad to share that our service Hidden Gems not only tops on its performance by outperforming small cap index by almost 47% but also tops Google search engine.

Our website enjoys no. 1 ranking in Google search engine and credit goes to our Hidden Gems services. You can try it out yourself, simply open Google search engine page and type Hidden Gems stocks and you will see that our website is on 1st position on first page of Google.

Below is the screen image:

Is not it great? We are delighted, because you only make it happen. Popularity of Saral Gyan Hidden Gems is no more hidden now. We do not spend on advertising, no newspaper and TV adds, no hoardings, no great marketing, its just word of mouth publicity which make our website so popular among investors fraternity.

Its a big milestone which we achieved without spending a single penny on advertisement. Infact, we don't want to! We want to grow with our subscribers. We charge you a nominal fee and try our level best to unearth great investment opportunities. We are not like brokerage firms which circulate free buying and selling stock tips and make money through brokerage on your transactions irrespective whether you are making profit or booking losses on your transactions.

Equity analysts team at Saral Gyan gives 100% to identify the best investment candidates, objective is not only to protect your capital but also to grow it at healthy rate. In last one year, Sensex has corrected from 19,931 to 16,371 giving negative returns of -17.86% where as Small cap index has fallen from 10,445 to 6,182 giving negative returns of -40.87%.

But during these turbulent times, Saral Gyan Hidden Gems continue to shine giving maximum average returns of +53.7% and average returns of +21.5% (as on 15th Nov) to our Hidden Gems subscribers compared to average index returns of -25.3% of small cap index in last one year.

2 Hidden Gems turn to Multibaggers in 12 Months

Below  are the two stocks which gave more than 100% returns to our Hidden Gems members in last one year.

i) Sri Adhikari Brother Television Network Ltd was recommended in Sept 2010 at a price of Rs. 41 has made a new high of Rs. 85 recently. 100% returns in period of one year.

ii) Camlin Fine Sciences (earlier known as Camlin Fine Chemicals) was recommended in March 2011 at a price of Rs. 60 has made new 52 week high couple of days back at Rs. 152. Returns of more than 150% on your investment in short span of just 8 months.

Equity analyst team at Saral Gyan do not just recommend the stocks but share authentic and unbiased research reports which help you understand the company's business along with growth opportunities and guide you to make an educated investment decision.

Click on the Download link to read /download Hidden Gems research reports:

Hidden Gem - March 2011 Research Report - Download 

We thank all our readers and subscribers once again to make this happen.


Saral Gyan Team,
Saral Gyan Capital Services.

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