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Monday, August 29, 2011

Releasing Soon: Hidden Gem - August 2011

Dear Reader,

We have noticed that many investors do not want to invest in equities now because of loss in their existing portfolios due to sharp fall in stock prices which they hold. Usually investors get into stocks during highs and either stop investing during lows or book losses which is a wrong approach.

Being volatile in nature, you should invest in equities (buying stocks) keeping a long term horizon and a systematic approach. Booking profits is also important, you need to sit on cash when you find that your holding stocks or overall stock market valuations are expensive.

We reveal reliable small companies through Hidden Gems as and when they're available at a bargain, which gives you the opportunity to snap them up early and set yourself up for huge gains when these stocks soar.

However, considering the risks that small companies carry, you should realistically not expect each and every recommendation to be an out and out winner.

Saral Gyan - Hidden Gems

Every month we will notify you of an exciting small cap opportunity with unbiased and authentic research report to make an educated investment decision.

Saral Gyan team of equity analysts is releasing soon, Hidden Gems - August 2011. Recent stock market correction is giving a fabulous opportunity to investors to buy small cap stocks at discounted price and this month Hidden Gem is available at mouth - watering valuations compared to its peer group. 

The research report we send will tell you why we think this stock would be a good buy at that point, and it will also clearly explain the pros and cons of investing in that company.

Below is the performance of last 10 Hidden Gems stocks recommendation by team of our equity analysts.

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Saral Gyan Team.