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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free Access to Hidden Gem - September 2010

Dear Readers,

We are delighted to share that we received many queries towards our paid subscription services in last couple of weeks. In fact, we have added maximum number of subscribers towards our annual subscription services - Hidden Gems & Value Picks. The reason to such an overwhelming response could be the recent rally in Indian stock market. Stock market barometer i.e. index like Sensex & Nifty have shown an impressive up move giving returns of almost 12 percent in the month of Sept 2010. Sensex has crossed 20,000 and equity analysts already started giving all time high targets of Sensex & Nifty to be achieved in period of next six months.

A lot of optimism is clearly visible with high FIIs inflows reported in the month of Sept 2010. Retail investors, who have not participated in the recent rally, again started looking to invest in Indian equity market.

A series of IPOs started floating in stock market in recent times, most of them getting oversubscribed giving hefty listing gains. This simply shows the excess liquidity and confidence of investors to invest in companies at premium keeping a long term view.

Moreover, after posting lower than expected, weak IIPs numbers today, Sensex and Nifty has not corrected even by 1 percent. If we look at Nifty, it is just consolidating in the range of 6050 – 6200 from last couple of trading sessions. We do expect a correction in stock market of 5 to 10% but as earning season is on the go, Sensex and Nifty is just consolidating at current levels and can take a direction based on second quarter results.

Looking at evaluations, investing in large caps seems to be a costly affair. But one can invest in good companies in small cap and mid cap space. Valuation of many small and mid cap stocks is reasonable, hence giving an opportunity to invest because of discounted evaluation when compared to large cap stocks.

In last couple of weeks, we received many emails from our readers requesting to provide sample/old research reports of Hidden Gems (unexplored multibagger small cap stocks) & Value Picks (mid cap stocks with plenty of upside potential).

Accepting our reader’s request and also as a promotional activity, Saral Gyan team decided to provide access to Hidden Gem – September 2010 to all subscribers and readers, absolutely free!

You can find Hidden Gem – September 2010 available under sample research reports section in our website.

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Wish you happy & safe investing!


Saral Gyan Team