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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Get your Equity Portfolio Health Check with Wealth-Builder

Dear Reader,

Reaping great returns from your stocks portfolio will no longer be a far-fetched dream as team of our equity analysts will do a complete makeover of your equity portfolio.

We empower you to invest in stocks-safely & successfully. Our team objective is to share the right stock at the right price and at the right time based on fundamental analysis. So that you can tap the best investment opportunities and make your investment grow! Hence subscribing to Wealth-Builder could change the way you invest in stocks.

And there is no better time to subscribe than now. Post severe correction in small and mid cap stocks since Jan 2018, many small and mid size companies are now available at reasonable to attractive valuations. We are confident that these companies backed by strong business fundamentals will deliver decent returns over next 1 to 3 years. As our Wealth-Builder portfolio includes mostly the mid and small caps, you can make right investment decision by replicating our portfolio through investing in good quality small and mid cap companies.

Equity Portfolio Health Checkup Review
Moreover, once you subscribe to our Wealth-Builder service, we will provide you a complete analysis of your stocks portfolio, at no extra cost! Yes, you will get your equity portfolio health check up absolutely free under Wealth-Builder. 

Post activation of your Wealth-Builder subscription, you need to mail your existing stock portfolio to us in an excel file and our senior equity analysts will examine your portfolio. A customized portfolio analysis report will be emailed to you with all the findings and a personalised action plan. Our team will do the analysis of your stock holdings and would require at least a week's time to share the report. You simply need to replicate the changes suggested by our team. With this, you can get much better returns on your investment compared to major indices.

Portfolio Analysis Report

Your portfolio analysis report will:

1. Examine the fundamental strength of your stocks & guide you on which ones to hold or sell

2. Analyse the valuation of each stock based on current market price & provide an action point for each stock

3. Measure the exposure of your portfolio across sectors & stocks and suggest pointers for re-allocation

4. Check out your portfolio size and allocation across market-caps and suggest an optimal investment strategy

5. Provide a personalised action plan to maximise your returns over a period of time 

If you are a new investor you don't have a stocks portfolio currently, you can still subscribe to Wealth-Builder now and avail the portfolio analysis facility after 6 months once you have a steady portfolio.

We are pleased to share the past performance of our Wealth-Builder portfolio. If you would have invested Rs. 10 lakh in beginning of 2013 in our carefully picked Wealth-Builder stocks and followed our advice making buy / sell transactions later, your portfolio would be valued at 32.77 lakhs as on date with total profit (realised as well as un-realised) of Rs. 22.7 lakhs that too excluding dividends.
Wealth-Builder Vs Sensex Nifty
Wealth-Builder portfolio stocks have given absolute returns of 227.4% compared to Sensex returns of 99.3% and Nifty returns of 94.6% since 1st Jan 2013.

We do update our members regularly about which stock to buy and which to sell to maximize their returns in longer period of time.

Below is the performance update of our Wealth-Builder portfolio since 1st Jan'13:
Wealth-Builder is our offline portfolio management service. Using Wealth-Builder, you can manage your portfolio like a professional.

1. You Plant – You will manage your money at your own. Using your own Dmat account, you will purchase and sell shares at right point of time.

2. We Nurture – We will guide you with detailed report suggesting which stock to buy, at what price to buy and of course how much to buy, when to sell and how much to sell. Based on our recommendations, you will create and modify your portfolio to maximize your returns on your investments over a period of time.

3. You Harvest – It’s a fact that equities can give you maximum returns compared to any other asset class if invested with a long term horizon (3 to 5 years and above). Investing in fundamentally strong small and mid cap companies ensures that you keep harvesting your money in form of regular and higher dividends year after year along with capital appreciation.

Below are the unique advantage and benefits of Wealth-Builder over conventional PMS and Mutual Fund:

1. You manage your money at your own without giving it to mutual fund or PMS with benefit of any time access to your portfolio.

2. You will not be charged any asset management fee, exit / entry load, administration charges. Only one time nominal annual subscription cost will be charged.

3. Wealth Builder ensures capital protection; your portfolio will not be over churned to earn higher brokerage like many brokerage houses.

4. Exposure to our well researched stocks - Hidden Gems and Value Picks.

5. Limited transactions – once or twice in a month, you can manage your portfolio giving only 30 – 60 minutes in a month without affecting your busy schedule.

Wealth-Builder ensures giving better returns compared to major indices like Sensex or Nifty in long term.

Wealth-Builder subscribers need to replicate our recommended portfolio in exact proportion. For ex: If we recommend to invest Rs 50,000 in “x” company with portfolio allocation of 5% in Rs. 10 lakh portfolio, subscriber starting his portfolio with Rs. 2 lakh need to invest Rs. 10,000 in “x” company with similar portfolio allocation i.e. 5%. On monthly basis, we review Wealth-Builder portfolio and update our members in terms of any changes in allocation or exit / entries in stocks based on fundamental analysis and recent developments in these companies.

Click here to download our Wealth-Builder presentation for complete details.

Subscribe to Wealth-Builder annual subscription @ INR 20,000 18,000 availing 10% discount under Dussehra - Diwali Offer 2019 and also get your equity portfolio health check up for free! Portfolio health check up will guide you to identify the best seeds which you continue to nurture and the weeds which you can erode from your equity portfolio.

We are pleased to inform you that we are celebrating this festive season by offering maximum benefits to our readers under Dussehra - Diwali Offer 2019Attractive discounts & valuable freebies which make this festive season special for our readers are as under:

1. Discount up to 30% on combo pack subscription (valid up to 31st Oct'19 only)
2. Rs. 1 Lakh Diwali Muhurat Portfolio of 10 Stocks (to be released on 27th Oct'19)
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4. Special Report - 6 Hidden Gems Stocks to Buy / Accumulate (to be released in Nov'19)
5. Special Report - 6 Value Picks Stocks to Buy / Accumulate (to be released in Nov'19)
6. Existing Portfolio Health Check Up under Wealth-Builder Subscription
7. Saral Gyan eBook - "How to Grow your Savings?" worth Rs. 599 for Free.

Below table indicates subscription services and discounted prices valid up to 31st Oct'19.

Saral Gyan Dussehra - Diwali Offer 2019
Hidden GemsRs. 10,000 9,000
Value PicksRs. 6,000 5,400
15% @ 90 DaysRs. 4,000 (No Discount)
Wealth-BuilderRs. 20,000 18,000
Combo 1: HG + VP + WB + 15%Rs. 40,000 28,000
Combo 2: HG + VP + 15%Rs. 20,000 15,000
Combo 3: HG + VPRs. 16,000 13,000
Combo 4: HG + 15%Rs. 14,000 11,500
Combo 5: VP + 15%Rs. 10,000 8,500

Simply choose the subscription service / combo subscription you would like to opt and click on SUBSCRIBE! link in above table to make online payment using your debit / credit card or net banking facility. In case you are not comfortable in subscribing online, click here to know about our other payment options and bank details.

Click here to know more about Saral Gyan Dussehra - Diwali Offer 2019.  

Do write to us in case of any queries, we will be delighted to assist you.

Wish you happy & safe Investing.

Team - Saral Gyan

"Deepawali Muhurat Buy - One Lakh Rupee Portfolio" of 10 stocks will be a model portfolio with proper mix of large, mid and small cap stocks which you can hold for a period of 1 yearThis portfolio will consist of our previous Hidden Gems and Value Picks recommendations
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We review existing portfolio of our members under Wealth-Builder and guide them which stocks to hold or add, which to reduce or sell with right allocation. Under Wealth-Builder service, you need to mail us your existing stock portfolio in an excel file and our equity analysts will examine your stocks based on fundamental analysis. A customised portfolio analysis report will be prepared and emailed to you with all the findings and a personalised action plan. Know More >>>
Considering current situation in broader markets as a buying opportunity, we released our special report 5 Stocks - Potential 5 Baggers in 5 Years on 30th July 2019. The objective is to achieve average annualized returns of 38% each year to achieve 5-Bagger returns in period of next 5 years.  These 5 Stocks are small cap companies with a market capital of less than 500 crores. Our research team have included our Hidden Gems / Value Picks stocks released in past having potential to multiply your investment by 5 times within 5 years. Know More >>>