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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Multibagger Stocks - Hidden Gems Vs Small Cap Index

Dear Reader,

Benchmark indices made new milestones last year in the month of March with the Nifty hitting the 9,100-mark and the Sensex moving past 30,000 levels for the first time, followed by a healthy correction of almost 25% from March 2015 till February this year. Later, with sentiments turning positive locally as well as globally, we have seen strong bounced back with sharp rally of more than 25% during last 6 months.

At current situation, how does one know the right stock to invest in and that too at the right price which will ensure strong returns in the long term? This will be a question that will be the uppermost in the minds of most investors wanting to allocate part of their funds towards stocks. Especially in light of the heightened volatility in the markets in the past.

For instance, take a look at the period between 2005 and early 2008. During that time, there was a general sense of euphoria prevailing in India what with the country consistently logging in growth rates of 9% plus and the stock markets zooming to 21,000 levels. And then this optimism snapped.

The global financial crisis reared its ugly head and sent global economic growth and world stock markets including India into a tailspin. Suddenly there was nervousness all around. Forget bad stocks with bad fundamentals, retail investors in India were loathe to put in their money even in good companies available at attractive prices fearing that prices will fall down further. Then 2013 dawned, signs of recovery began to be noticeable and stock markets surged once again. And with stable government in place, major indices Sensex and Nifty continued to move northward making all time highs in March 2015.

Corrections in bull market are healthy and give opportunity to invest. Bull markets do test your patience and conviction. If you expect a straight-line  appreciation in stock markets, that is not going to happen. Profit bookings at regular intervals bound to bring the indices lower. A lot of people who were left on the sidelines when the move was too fast got an opportunity to invest in equities at discounted prices during Jan and Feb this year.

The idea really is not to time the markets. That is a feat best left to speculators. For long term investors, there will still be plenty of stocks that they can look to add on to their portfolios. These stocks if picked at the right price by proven approaches can turn into multi-bagger opportunities.

We are pleased to share that Hidden Gems (Unexplored Multibagger Small Cap Stocks) recommended by us since inception  have outperformed small cap index by wide percentage points ensuring much better returns for our members.

Below is the performance update of small cap stocks recommended by us in 2014, 2015 and 2016 under our Hidden Gems subscription service:

Hidden Gems Stocks 2014 Vs Small Cap Index:
As illustrated in the table above, average returns of Hidden Gems stocks released in 2014 is 127.8% compared to small cap index average returns of 37.5%. As on date, Hidden Gems stocks of 2014 are outperforming small cap index by whopping 90.3%.

Total 8 Hidden Gems stocks out of 11 released in 2014 have already achieved their target price giving more than 100% returns to our members in period of 1 to 2 years.

Hidden Gems Stocks 2015 Vs Small Cap Index:
Total 5 stocks of 2015 have already achieved their target price. As illustrated in the table above, average returns (as on date) of our Hidden Gems stocks released in 2015 is 52.1% compared to average returns of 11% of small cap index, out performance of 41.1%.

Hidden Gems Stocks 2016 Vs Small Cap Index:
Our Hidden Gems stocks of 2016 released so far have also outperformed small cap index. As on date average returns of our Hidden Gems 2016 stocks is 45.1% compared to small cap index average returns of 13.2%, out performance of 31.9%.

And that's not all! We have a strong history of exploring multibagger micro and small cap stocks. It gives us immense pleasure to share that 35 out of 52 Hidden Gems stocks released in last 6 years (till Dec'15) have given returns above 100%. Moreover, 25 out of these 35 Hidden Gems stocks have given returns in the range of 200% to 1900%.

As many of these reports were made public, you can access read / download our research reports by clicking on the links below:

1. SAB TV NETWORK >>> Rec. Date: 05 Sep'10 >>> ROI: 882% >>> Read / Download

2. DE NORA >>> Rec. Date: 07 Nov'10 >>> ROI: 419% >>> Read / Download

3. CAMLIN FINE >>> Rec. Date: 27 Mar'11 >>> ROI: 1473% >>> Read / Download

4. WIM PLAST >>> Rec. Date: 30 Aug'11 >>> ROI: 1146% >>> Read / Download

5. KOVAI MEDICAL >>> Rec. Date: 27 Oct'11 >>> ROI: 530% >>> Read / Download

6. CERA SANITARY >>> Rec. Date: 24 Dec'11 >>> ROI: 1444% >>> Read / Download

7. SUPERHOUSE >>> Rec. Date: 29 Feb'12 >>> ROI: 244% >>> Read / Download

8. MAYUR UNIQ. >>> R. Date: 31 Mar'12 >>> ROI: 645% >>> Read / Download

9. PREMIER EXPLO. >>> R. Date: 22 Jul'12 >>> ROI: 425% >>> Read / Download

10. ROTO PUMPS >>> Rec. Date: 05 Aug'12 >>> ROI: 190% >>> Read / Download

11. TIDE WATER OIL >>> Rec. Date: 30 Oct'12 >>> ROI: 201% >>> Read / Download

12. ACRYSIL >>> Rec. Date: 25 Nov'12 >>> ROI: 395% >>> Read / Download

13. TCPL PACKAG. >>> Rec. Date: 31 Jan'13 >>> ROI: 900% >>> Read / Download

14. ATUL AUTO >>> Rec. Date: 28 Feb'14 >>> ROI: 214% >>> Read / Download

15. RANE BRAKE >>> Rec. Date: 31 May'14 >>> ROI: 232% >>> Read / Download

16. ASIAN GRANITO >>> Rec. Date: 29 Sep'14 >>> ROI: 129% >>> Read / Download

17. CONTROL PRINT >>> Rec. Date: 30 Nov'14 >>> ROI: 66% >>> Read / Download

18. PLASTIBLENDS >>> Rec. Date: 31 Jan'15 >>> ROI: 80% >>> Read / Download

19. SMS PHARMA >>> Rec. Date: 09 May'15 >>> ROI: 70% >>> Read / Download

20. CHEMFAB ALKAL. >>> Rec. Date: 06 Sep'15 >>> ROI: 174% >>> Read / Download

We are confident that we will continue to hunt best Hidden Gems from universe of small caps by doing authentic, in-depth and unbiased research work and support our members to make educated investment decision.

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Its our mission to ensure that you reap the best returns on your investment, our objective is not only to grow your investments at a healthy rate but also to protect your capital during market downturns.

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