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Friday, May 27, 2016

Book Profits: 15% @ 90 Days - March'16 Target Achieved

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to inform you that 15% @ 90 Days - March 2016 stock which we released on 20th March 2016 has achieved its target price. Stock recommended was KEC International Ltd (BSE Code: 532714, NSE Code: KEC) for short term profits based on buy to sell and gain strategy and the stock selection was done on the basis of technical analysis.

KEC International Ltd was recommended at price of Rs. 120 with target price of Rs. 141 (upside potential of 17.5%). KEC International Ltd has achieved its target price today and closed at Rs. 139.90 on NSE giving overall returns of 16.6% to our members within period of 3 months.

As 15% @ 90 Days service is based on buy to sell and gain strategy, we have informed our members to book complete profits in KEC International Ltd around Rs. 140 - 141.

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Imp Note: We do not suggest our members to put all their savings in 1 or 2 stocks to make quick bucks, diversified portfolio is must to have while investing in equities. Our 15% @ 90 Days stock is recommended on the basis of technical analysis (chart patterns) and there is no guarantee of getting 15% returns within 90 days. However, probability of our 15% @ 90 Days stocks achieving their target price is high.

We suggest our members to allocate only 2% of their equity portfolio in our 15% @ 90 Days stocks and do a higher allocation in our Hidden Gems and Value Picks which are the companies backed with strong fundamentals and surely reward investors in medium to long term.

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Team - Saral Gyan.