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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hidden Gems & Value Picks 2015 - Performance Update

Dear Reader, 

Since 2010, Saral Gyan team has successfully published hundreds of articles providing insight to equity market and today cherishes association of more than 20,000 members. Articles published on our website received lot of appreciation as it helped our readers to make educated and smart investment decisions based on facts.

During past 5 years, we launched suitable services to help Investors to create wealth by investing in Indian stock market. Its appreciation and support of our readers that one of our most admired service - Hidden Gems ranks on top not only in performance but also on Google search engine. Try it out yourself by searching or "Multibagger Small Caps" or "Hidden Gems Stocks" on Google, you will find our website featuring on top in search results. Its your appreciation and word of mouth publicity which make our website featuring on 1st position in Google.

Like that of past years, we started 2015 with a Bang! We are delighted to inform our readers that our Hidden Gems and Value Picks stocks released in first 3 months of 2015 are outperforming Small Cap Index and Mid Cap Index respectively. 

Below is the performance update of Hidden Gems & Value Picks stocks released by our equity analysts in first 3 months of 2015.
Our Hidden Gems and Value Picks continue to shine during ongoing market correction. As on date average returns of Hidden Gems & Value Picks stocks of 2015 is 7.6% & 22.5% compared to Small Cap and Mid Cap Index average negative returns of -0.5% & -1.5% respectively. 

Our small cap and mid cap stock picks have shown great strength giving positive returns during ongoing downfall in stock market. We suggest our members to consider ongoing market correction as a buying opportunity and invest in high quality small and mid cap stocks - Hidden Gems & Value Picks.

Time has shown that smart investors have made their fortune by investing in equities in long term. None other asset class can match giving you such extra ordinary returns. Yes, its important for you to invest in right set of companies at right price.

Few important parameters which have been looked by our equity analysts while finalizing the stock selection are as under: 
  • Market leader in the business / any one segment in which the company is operating in.
  • Scalable business with significant moat (sustainable competitive advantage)
  • Prudent Management with promoters increasing their shares holding in the company 
  • Zero or negligible debt on books with healthy cash flows.
  • CAGR of above 15% with increase in operating and net profit margins in last 3 to 5 years.
  • Consistent dividend payment with dividend yield above 1% in last 3 to 5 years
  • Increasing EPS, lower PE ratio with ROE and ROCE above 20% in last 3 to 5 years.
  • Zero or negligible share holdings of Institutions (FIIs & DIIs) to get first mover advantage.
Each parameter is equally important and plays a vital role to ensure that you get healthy returns on your investment with limited downside risk in long term. One of the important key to successful investing is to pick the right business at decent valuations. Once you buy shares, you own a part of company’s business.

We at Saral Gyan recommend good businesses to buy with long term view and any change in our stock views will be based on strong structural trend and not on any short term movement.

It’s our mission to ensure that you reap the best returns on your investment, our objective is not only to grow your investments at a healthy rate but also to protect your capital during market downturns. 

At Saral Gyan, team of equity analysts keep on evaluating small and mid cap stocks to explore the best Hidden Gems and Value Picks of stock market. Saral Gyan - Hidden Gems and Value Picks are the small and mid cap stocks with high probability to become multi-bagger stocks in future and a path for our investors to create wealth through equity investments in a long run.

We also take this as an opportunity to inform our readers that our Combo - 2 (Annual subscription of Hidden Gems, Value Picks and 15% @ 90 Days) is the best selling subscription service at Saral Gyan, we have registered maximum subscription of Combo 2 since beginning of this year followed by Wealth-Builder (an offline portfolio management service).

We keep on updating our subscribers on our past recommendation suggesting them whether to hold / buy or sell stocks on the basis of company's performance and future outlook.

Subscribe to Hidden Gems & Value Picks and start investing systematically in fundamentally strong small and mid cap companies in 2015 to get rewarded in long term. Avail attractive discounts by subscribing to our combo packsclick here for details.

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Team - Saral Gyan.