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Monday, March 9, 2015

Value Pick - Feb'15 Offers Tremendous Upside Potential!

Dear Reader,

As expected, broad sectors will get benefited from the measures recently announced in the Budget. Highways, railways, rural roads, and rural and urban housing are the areas where the government continues to increase spend. This would have a direct effect on the construction sector with development of smart cities and initiatives for overall infrastructure capex.

Giving the housing for all by 2022 target a push, finance minister Arun Jaitley said the country needs to build 20 million more homes in cities and 40 million in villages. His budget proposed to allocate Rs.22,407 crore for housing and urban development. He said, each house in the country should have basic facilities of 24-hour power supply, clean drinking water, a toilet, and be connected to a road.

This will help to fill the huge demand supply gap in the housing sector and will make housing the next booming sector in India. As the economy will expand and more jobs will be created in our cities, there is a need to not only plug the existing gap but also a need to cater to the newer demand. If the housing demand rises, it will boost sectors like housing finance, paints, cement, sanitary ware, pipes, electrical equipments, plywood and granites.

Focus of the Government on Infrastructure will create exponential business opportunities for companies linked to this sector. Considering this fact, we have released our Value Pick stock of Feb'15 which is a proxy play linked to construction and will be a direct beneficiary going forward. Company continues to remain focused on value enhancement by adopting asset light model. Moreover, company has also increased its product offerings which covers wide product range and has a competitive edge in the industry.

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