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Saturday, February 21, 2015

15% @ 90 Days - 2014 Performance Update

Dear Reader,

During 2014, our research team recommended 11 stocks out of which 9 stocks achieved their target price within 90 Days. As 15% @ 90 Days stock recommendations are based on Buy to Sell and Gain strategy and are identified by our research team on the basis of technical analysis, we suggest complete profit booking once target price is achieved.

We are pleased to share the 15% @ 90 days - 2014 performance update in below table.

As illustrated above, we suggested profit booking in many of the stocks above our target price and hence returns are even more than 15%. Maximum profit (32%) was booked in Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd which was our 15% @ 90 Days stock recommendation of Oct'14.  Dewan Housing Finance has achieved its target and currently giving returns of 29%. However, target was not achieved within 90 Days. The stock which has not performed up to our expectations and disappointed our members was Nucleus Software which is giving negative returns of -26.7% as on date. We received dozen of queries in terms of buying it at lower levels, however, we have not suggested averaging it out as its not supported as per charts. 

If we look at overall returns, we are glad to inform that total profit booked by our members was at 198.4% for our 15% @ 90 Days stock recommendations of 2014.  

Lets try to know more about our 15% @ 90 Days service. 

Why 15% @ 90 Days?

Many people believe that buy and hold is the best strategy to employ for the long term. However, over a period of couple of months, a person who buys 100 XYZ shares at 100 each, sees them rise to 120, sees them decline to 85, and then rise back up to 115, he is not getting an overall return as good as he thinks.

What he has lost is the opportunity cost associated with the down period of time.

However, the return over the same period would have been much greater, if the investor had sold the securities and then bought them back at a lower price.

This works whether the investor takes the cash proceeds from the sale and puts them to work in a savings account, or for any other investment.

In real life, the investor would not sell exactly at the top and he would not buy exactly at the bottom. He would sell below the top and buy above the bottom.

Nevertheless, the return is still superior to the buy and hold strategy.

How 15% @ 90 Days works?

15% @ 90 DAYS works on Buy to Sell & Gain Strategy for short term as well as long term investors.

An individual as an investor will buy shares based on the recommendation every month and sell them once target price is achieved within expected time frame of 90 days, he/she needs to sell entire his/her holdings to book profits and use the same principal sum invested earlier to buy the next recommended stock.

Hence, using minimum capital requirement, one can keep on realizing the profits at regular time intervals. Needless to say, these stocks would not be part of long term portfolio as the basic objective of investments is booking profits in short term.

Does 15% @ 90 Days service delivers returns during market correction

You do agree that good stocks also experience downward move during market corrections. Stock market offers risks along with rewards, that is one of the reason why 15% @ 90 Days buy calls will be based on technical chart patterns to ensure limited downside risk. Hence if target price is not achieved in 90 days due to market correction, stock may not tumble down heavily to shrink your working capital. 

Annual subscription charge of 15% @ 90 Days is INR 2,500 under which our members receive one stock recommendation on monthly basis for period of 12 months.

Note: 15% @ 90 Days - Feb'15 stock will be released on 22nd Feb'15

However, as our 15% @ 90 Days are based on technical analysis and not on fundamentals, we recommend lower allocation in 15% @ 90 Days and higher allocation in our Hidden Gems and Value Picks services. Stocks recommended under Hidden Gems and Value Picks are portfolio stocks to be held for medium to long term based on strong fundamental, we recommend good quality stocks on the basis of  fundamental analysis under these services.

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The stocks we reveal through Hidden Gems & Value Picks are companies that are either under-researched or not covered by other stock brokers and research firms. We keep on updating our subscribers on our past recommendation suggesting them whether to hold / buy or sell stocks on the basis of company's performance and future outlook. 

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Do contact us in case of any queries, we will be delighted to assist you. 

Wish you happy & safe Investing. 

Team - Saral Gyan