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Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Dear Reader,

We received an overwhelming response from our members towards our 4th Anniversary Offer. We are glad to inform you that Saral Gyan has completed its 4th year this July and to cherish this event, we are celebrating Saral Gyan 4th Anniversary with our readers by offering maximum benefits on our subscription services. As its last day of the month, offer closes today at 11.00 PM.

Since 2010, Saral Gyan team has successfully published hundreds of articles providing insight to equity market and today cherish association of more than 11,000 members. Articles published on our website received lot of appreciation as it helped our readers to make educated and smart investment decisions based on facts.

During past 4 years, we launched suitable services to help Investors to create wealth by investing in Indian stock market. Its appreciation and support of our readers that one of our most admired service - Hidden Gems ranks on top not only in performance but also on Google search engine. Try it out yourself by searching or "Multibagger Small Caps" or "Hidden Gems Stocks" on Google, you will find our website featuring on top in search results. Its your appreciation and word of mouth publicity which make our website featuring on 1st position in Google.

Its Saral Gyan 4th Anniversary and here comes great savings and valuable freebies for our members (last few hours, offer closes today at 11.00 pm) to grab the best deal.

Attractive discounts & valuable freebies which make our 4th Anniversary special for all our readers are as under:

1. Discount upto 30% on combo pack subscription (valid up to 31st July'14 only)
2. Best 4 Stocks for long term Wealth-Creation
3. 5 Hidden Gems - 5-Baggers in 5 Years April'14 Report Update
4. Saral Gyan eBook - "How to Grow your Savings?" worth Rs. 599 for Free.

Below table indicates subscription services and discounted prices valid up to 31st July'14.

Saral Gyan 4th Anniversary Offer - Attractive Discounts & Valuable Freebies
Hidden GemsRs. 7500 6500 / $ 150 130 
Value PicksRs. 5000 4500 / $ 100 90
Wealth-BuilderRs. 15000 13500 / $ 150 270
Combo 1: HG + VP + WB + 15%Rs. 25000 22000 / $ 500 440
Combo 2: HG + VP + 15%Rs. 12500 11000 / $ 250 220
Combo 3: HG + VPRs. 11000 10000 / $ 220 200
Combo 4: HG + 15%Rs. 9000 8500 / $ 180 170
Combo 5: VP + 15%Rs. 7000 6500 / $ 140 130

Simply choose the subscription service / combo subscription you would like to opt and click on SUBSCRIBE! link in above table to make online payment using your debit / credit card or net banking facility. To know about our other payment options and bank details, click here.

Time has shown that smart investors have made their fortune by investing in equities in long term. None other asset class can match giving you such extra ordinary returns. Yes, its important for you to invest in right set of companies at right price.

Start investing in Hidden Gems & Value Picks of stock market to get rewarded by creating a Wealth-Builder portfolio in long run. Remember, "If you want your Money to Grow, Equities is the only Way to Go" in long term. If you think to invest in stocks for period of 3 months or 6 months, we suggest you to stay out of stock market because you are not investing, you are betting on volatility of stock market which could be risky.

Its our mission to ensure that you reap the best returns on your investment, our objective is not only to grow your investments at a healthy rate but also to protect your capital during market downturns. We also take this as an opportunity to share the returns on investment given by one of our most admired service Hidden Gems, during last 4 years.

Hidden Gems (Unexplored Multibagger Small Cap Stocks) continue to shine giving as on date average returns of whopping 160% to our Hidden Gems subscribers compared to 44% returns of small cap index during last 4 years.

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that 18 Hidden Gems out of 36 have given more than 100% returns to our members during last 4 years. Moreover, 7 stocks out of these 18 have given returns in the range of 200% to 800% during the same period. As we made these reports public, you can access read / download our research reports by clicking on the links:

1. CAMLIN FINE >>> Rec. Date: 27 Mar'11 >>> ROI: 715% >>> Read / Download

2. WIM PLAST >>> Rec. Date: 30 Aug'11 >>> ROI: 385% >>> Read / Download

3. CERA SANITARY >>> Rec. Date: 24 Dec'11 >>> ROI: 740% >>> Read / Download

4. SUPERHOUSE >>> Rec. Date: 29 Feb'12 >>> ROI: 235% >>> Read / Download

5. MAYUR UNIQ. >>> R. Date: 31 Mar'12 >>> ROI: 607% >>> Read / Download

6. ROTO PUMPS >>> Rec. Date: 5 Aug'12 >>> ROI: 244% >>> Read / Download

7. ACRYSIL >>> Rec. Date: 25 Nov'12 >>> ROI: 295% >>> Read / Download

We are confident that we will continue to hunt best  of Hidden Gems & Value Picks from universe of small and mid caps by doing authentic, in-depth and unbiased research work and support our members to make educated investment decision.

Through Hidden Gems and Value Picks, we're providing you opportunities to invest in such small / mid caps stocks today. Infosys, Pantaloon, Unitech, Glenmark were the small cap stocks in past and today are the well known companies falling under mid and large cap space.

The stocks we reveal through Hidden Gems & Value Picks are companies that are either under-researched or not covered by other stock brokers and research firms. We keep on updating our subscribers on our past recommendations suggesting them whether to hold / buy or sell stocks on the basis of company's performance and future outlook.

Now you can add power to your equity portfolio by investing in best of small & mid cap stocks - Hidden Gems & Value Picks. Enjoy great savings and receive valuable freebies during Saral Gyan 4th Anniversary by availing subscription of our Hidden Gems, Value Picks & Wealth-Builder services.

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Note: Saral Gyan 4th Anniversary offer is for limited period and closes on 31st July at 11.00 pm. Subscription cycle for all new subscribers joining on or before 31st July 2014 will be July 2014 - June 2015.

Do contact us in case of any queries, we will be delighted to assist you.

Wish you happy & safe Investing.


Team - Saral Gyan.
Saral Gyan Capital Services.