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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wealth-Builder Portfolio - Apr'14 is Released

Dear Reader,

2013 was a good year for equity investors who invested in high quality companies reporting 20-30% + annualized growth. This helped companies to got their due share of re-rating and delivered exceptional returns to the shareholders. In case you have not already started building a portfolio of high quality and high growth stocks for long term wealth creation, please find below the Wealth-Builder Portfolio allocation for your reference.

The same was shared with our Wealth-Builder members today. We believe, investing in Wealth-Builder portfolio with regular portfolio review from our end can help you achieve market beating and very good returns over a longer term and help you take care of yourself and your family needs, which ultimately lead to a healthy and wealthy life after retirement.

In 2013, our Wealth-Builder portfolio has outperformed Nifty and Sensex by wide margin. Since 1st Jan 2013, Nifty has given returns of 12.5%, Sensex returns is 15.1% where as Wealth-Builder portfolio has given returns of 45.4% returns to our members.

Absolute Wealth-Builder returns is 41.2% as we booked loss in few of non performing companies during 2013 and 2014 and added few other stocks in beginning of this year. Weatlh-Builder portfolio update has already been mailed to our members. We have total 13 stocks in our Wealth-Builder portfolio as on date.

Now, what is good is that the economy seems to have bottomed out, the growth outlook has improved and we are therefore hopeful for a very good 2014 for equity investors. We believe that our selected stocks (will continue to review their performance and make necessary changes when ever required) will continue to deliver more than 20% annualized returns during 2014 also.

Wealth-Builder is our offline portfolio management service. Using Wealth-Builder, you can manage your portfolio like a professional.

1. You Plant – You will manage your money at your own. Using your own Dmat account, you will purchase and sell shares at right point of time.

2. We Nurture – We will guide you with detailed report suggesting which stock to buy, at what price to buy and of course how much to buy, when to sell and how much to sell. Based on our recommendations, you will create and modify your portfolio to maximize your returns on your investments over a period of time.

3. You Harvest – It’s a fact that equities can give you maximum returns compared to any other asset class if invested with a long term horizon (5 years and above). Investing in fundamentally strong small and mid cap companies ensures that you keep harvesting your money in form of regular and higher dividends year after year along with capital appreciation.

Below are the unique advantage and benefits of Wealth-Builder over conventional PMS and Mutual Fund:

1. You manage your money at your own without giving it to mutual fund or PMS with benefit of any time access to your portfolio.

2. You will not be charged any asset management fee, exit / entry load, administration charges. Only one time nominal annual subscription cost will be charged.

3. Wealth Builder ensures capital protection; your portfolio will not be over churned to earn higher brokerage like many brokerage houses.

4. Exposure to our well researched stocks - Hidden Gems and Value Picks.

5. Limited transactions – once or twice in a month, you can manage your portfolio giving only 30 – 60 minutes in a month without affecting your busy schedule.

Wealth-Builder ensures giving better returns compared to major indices like Sensex or Nifty.

We  have already published Wealth-Builder 10 Lakh Rupee portfolio - Apr'14 and shared it with our Wealth-Builder members on 06th Apr'14. Wealth-Builder subscribers need to replicate our recommended portfolio in exact proportion. For ex: If we recommend to invest Rs 50,000 in “x” company with portfolio allocation of 5% in Rs. 10 lakh portfolio, subscriber starting his portfolio with Rs. 2 lakh need to invest Rs. 10,000 in “x” company with similar portfolio allocation i.e. 5%.

Start managing your equity portfolio like a professional, subscribe to Wealth-Builder by paying nominal annual fee of  Rs. 15,000 for entire year. To subscribe to our Wealth-Builder services, click here.

In case of any queries related to Wealth-Builder, do write to us at

Team - Saral Gyan.