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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hidden Gem - Dec'12: Returns @ 55% in 20 Days

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to inform you that Hidden Gem - Dec'12 stock which was released by our equity analysts during Christmas in 2012 is giving returns of 55% in matter of just 20 days. We are sure that all our members have added this micro cap company in their portfolio at recommended price, we suggest you to hold this stock to enjoy decent returns on your investment in medium to long term.

In case you missed to buy this Hidden Gem and planning to buy it now, we suggest you not to chase the stock to buy at CMP as risk vs reward for short term is not favourable.

India continues to be a high growth economy and a significant portion of this growth comes from FMCG sector particularly consumer product companies. Earlier, the consumption of packaged food products was confined to urban population but now slowly with the rising literacy and income levels of rural population; the market for ready food products has expanded to smaller town.

Here is a brief about company's business:

The awareness amongst the consumers for leading a healthy life also has led to the growth of food sector. To leverage this, company had introduced an innovative range of products and is continuously adding value-added products to the existing product line. Company has intensified product promotion activities by highlighting nutritional values of its products.

Company has high standards and its goal is to sell the highest quality products. Company defines quality by evaluating the ingredients, freshness, safety, taste, nutritive value and appearance of their products. In addition to this, company offers value to their customers by providing them high quality products at affordable price.

Company's manufacturing units are strategically situated in four different geographical locations with ultra modern facilities and equipped with sophisticated machinery for self sufficiency in manufacturing and to cater to the ever-growing domestic and overseas needs.

Few facts which make this stock an excellent investment candidate for long term:

1. Market cap of the company is almost 1/5th of total annual sales turnover of the company. Market cap to annual sales is merely 0.2. 

2. Topline has increased by 27% in last 4 years where as bottom line is increased by 720% during the same period.
3. Management has rewarded share holders by paying dividend for the first time,  dividend yield at current market price is almost 3.

4. Promoters share holding is 74% since last many years which is good by all means for such a micro cap company.

5. In terms of valuation company is trading at trailing PE ratio of 14 and looks a bit expensive for short term, but considering growth potential for the company and the industry,its a good bet for long term investors.

6. Company has registered highest sales ever in last quarter, top line of last quarter is 1.5 times to its market cap. 

7. Last but not the least, ROE increased from 2% to 10% and ROCE improved from 11% to 15% in last 4 years.

8. High debt on balance sheet is the only concern but we do not see it as a major risk considering available cash reserves and promoters share holding in the company.

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