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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Special Dussehra Diwali Offer extended upto 15 Nov'12

Dear Readers,

In last 24 hours, we have received many emails from our readers who are interested to avail our on going Special Dussehra Diwali Offer of the Year. We received requests to make the offer available for few more days for our annual subscription services Hidden Gems, Value Picks, Wealth-Builder and 15% @ 90 DAYS. This is requested as some of our members either like to join our services on auspicious day of Dhanteras or Diwali, also there are new readers who came to know about the offer in last couple of days. Considering the fact that this is the last opportunity of this year to avail best discounted prices on our subscription services, offer is extended by 5 days and now closes on 15th Nov 2012 instead of 10th Nov 2012.

We are delighted with the overwhelming response many of you shown towards our ongoing Special Dussehra Diwali Offer of the year.  Each one in Saral Gyan team puts best of his/her efforts to provide profitable stocks recommendations backed by sound and unbiased research reports. Saral Gyan team mission is to ensure that your savings grow by investing in equities over a period of time, giving you fabulous returns on your investments.

During this festive season, one can save upto 40% on annual subscription services and also receive  Saral Gyan eBook "How to Grow your Savings" worth Rs. 499, Hidden Gems Flash Back report of earlier recommended 21 small cap stocks and Diwali Muhurat Portfolio of 10 stocks, absolutely free!

Highlights of the Offer !

Direct Savings of 20% on Individual Subscription Service

1. Subscribe to Hidden Gems or Value Picks, Save 20%

Hidden Gems (12 monthly issues) - Rs. 7500 6000 [$ 155 125]
Value Picks (12 monthly issues) - Rs. 5000 4000 [$ 105 85]

2. Subscribe to WEALTH-BUILDER, Save 20%

Portfolio of Hidden Gems, Value Picks & 15% @ 90 DAYS stocks.
Total 12 Portfolio Updates - Rs. 15000 12000 [$ 310 250]

Extra Discounts on Combo Packs

1. Subscribe to Hidden Gems and Value Picks, Save 30%

Hidden Gems and Value Picks (12 Issues each)
Total 24 issues - Rs. 12500 8500 [$ 255 175]

2. Subscribe to Hidden Gems, Value Picks & 15% @ 90 DAYS, Save 35%

Hidden Gems, Value Picks & 15% @ 90 DAYS (12 Issues each)
Total 36 issues - Rs. 15000 10000 [$ 305 205]

3. Subscribe to all 4 services, SAVE 40% 
  • Hidden Gems (12 Issues),
  • Value Picks (12 Issues),
  • WEALTH-BUILDER (12 Portfolio Updates)
  • 15% @ 90 DAYS (12 Issues) 
Total 36 Issues + 12 Portfolio Updates - Rs. 30000 18000 [$ 610 370]

Special Diwali Gift & Freebies

1. Hidden Gems Flash Back Report:

Flash Back report covers company's first quarter results, recent updates & development along with Saral Gyan equity analysts views on last 21 Hidden Gems stocks recommendation.

It will help you to know how previous Hidden Gems (small caps) stocks have performed and which ones can be bought at current market price.
2. Free eBook:

Get eBook "How to Grow your Savings?" worth Rs. 499, [$ 11.99] Absolutely Free!

Note: Saral Gyan eBook will be mailed to subscribers on confirmation of their subscription during offer period.

3. Best Diwali "Muhurat" Portfolio:

Under Dussehra - Diwali Offer, subscribers will get a Deepawali Muhurat Buy - One lakh rupee portfolio of 10 stocks of small and mid cap stocks.

Saral Gyan suggested portfolio will contain best of past recommended Hidden Gems & Value Picks.

Note: Eligible subscribers will get the Saral Gyan 1 lakh rupee portfolio on activation of their subscription under this offer.

4. Special Diwali Gift:

Celebrate this festive season with blessings of Goddess Laxmi. Subscribe to any of our Combo Pack and we will gift you Goddess Laxmi Silver Coin - 10 Gram of 999 fineness & purity. Confirm your special gift today & get the delivery in next 7-8 working days

Shipping of Special Diwali Gift (Goddess Laxmi Silver Coin - 10 Gram) will be done within India. Delivery of Silver Coin is not applicable outside country.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

So what are you waiting for, grab the best deal. Subscribe to avail the best offer of the year and start investing in Hidden Gems and Value Picks of stock market to grow your wealth in long run. An opportunity missed is an opportunity lost! 

You can pay using credit card (for abroad subscribers), online transaction using NEFT or by cheque / cash deposit.

Below are the payment options & facilities:

1. Cheque Deposit: Deposit Cheque in any branch or ATM of ICICI / HDFC / Axis Bank. Please mention on the cheque - Saral Gyan Capital Services - A/c no. ......

2. Online Net Banking: Add any of the bank (ICICI / HDFC / Axis Bank) account no. and name in your payee for online transaction. You might need IFSC code.

3. Pay pal using Credit Card: Subscribers can pay using Credit Card, transaction amount as per $ exchange rate in INR will be applicable (applicable only for abroad subscribers)

Bank Details:

ICICI Bank Account Holders
Account Name : Saral Gyan Capital Services
Account Number: 019805005078 (12 digits)
IFSC Code: ICIC0000198

HDFC  Bank Account Holders
Account Name : Saral Gyan Capital Services
Account Number: 02242000010287 (14 digits)
IFSC Code: HDFC0000224

AXIS Bank Account Holders
Account Name : Saral Gyan Capital Services
Account Number: 910020019393353 (15 digits)
IFSC Code: UTIB0000128

To register your payment details - click here OR write to us at with cheque / online transaction details (Cheque/online transaction no., your name, address, place, date and amount details)

Note: Subscription cycle for all new subscribers joined in Nov 2012 under Special Diwali offer will be Nov 2012 - Oct 2013.

Do not miss out our Special Dussehra Diwali Offer of the Year (now closes on 15 Nov'12), an opportunity to avail subscription services at best discounted prices. Do contact us in case of any queries, we will be delighted to assist you.

Wish you happy & safe Investing.


Team - Saral Gyan.