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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Performance of Last 12 Multibagger Small Cap Stocks

Dear Reader,

If we look at 2012, it was far better compared to 2011 for Indian stock market. Equities have outperformed other asset class during the year. We believe that stocks will still remain in favour for investments for next couple of quarters.

If we look at indices since beginning of 2012, mid-cap index of the BSE has given a return of 31.37 per cent, the small-cap index has gained 29.28 per cent. In comparison, the gain in the blue-chip barometer index BSE Sensex has been much lower at about 21.42 per cent, as per data available with the BSE.

During uncertain times mid-cap and small-cap counters witness bigger losses but when markets rally, these stocks move ahead of the frontline blue chip stocks.

Most stocks in the mid and small-cap segments were beaten down heavily during 2011, falling 34 per cent and 42 per cent, respectively. On the contrary, the Sensex had lost about 25 per cent during the same period. After suffering a heavy blow last year, the mid-cap and small-cap indices bounced back smartly during this year.

We take this as an opportunity to share the peformance of 12 Saral Gyan Hidden Gems (Unexplored Multibagger Small Cap Stocks) vis a vis small cap index. We are delighted to share that we continue to outperform major indices during last 1 year.

Below is the past performance of last 12 Hidden Gems released by Saral Gyan equity analysts.

 (click on the image, if not visible)

As clearly illustrated in above table, last 12 Hidden Gems stocks published by our equity analysts have given average returns of 44% compared to small cap index average returns of 9%. In fact, actual average returns are higher as we suggested partial profit booking to our members in Indag Rubber at Rs. 325. Cera Sanitaryware and Mayur Uniquoter are another 2 stocks out of last 12 which are giving returns of more than 100% to Hidden Gems members.

We are confident enough that 5 Hidden Gems of 2012 will also double investment of our members in period of next 12 - 18 months like that of 2011.

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