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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last 3 Days! Enjoy 3 Freebies + 33% Discount on Hidden Gems

Dear Reader,

Its a fact that 7 out of 21 Hidden Gems (Unexplored Multibagger Small Cap Stocks) gave more than 100% returns to our Hidden Gems member. Yesterday, Hidden Gem - Jan 2012 stock (Indag Rubber - Date: 29th Jan'12. Buy Price: 154, Target Price: 320) achieved its target in short span of 8 months giving 105% returns. We suggested our Hidden Gems members to book partial profit by selling 50% of their holdings and keep remaining for free.

Today, we received dozen of enquiries about any ongoing offer on Hidden Gems annual subscription. Considering your requests, we are glad to announce a special discount of 33% on Hidden Gems annual subscription for next 3 days. You need to pay Rs. 5000 only for activation of your Hidden Gems annual subscription instead of Rs. 7500. This special offer is open only for 3 Days and closes on 30th Sept'12 at 11.59 pm.

That's not all! On activation of your subscription, you will receive 3 freebies:


Flash Back report covers company's first quarter results, recent updates & development along with Saral Gyan equity analysts views on last 21 Hidden Gems stocks recommendation.

It will help you to rebalance your small cap stocks portfolio by buying or selling previous recommended Hidden Gems stocks. In other words, out of these 21 stocks, you can identify the best seeds which you need to nurture and the weeds which you need to cut down ... Read More

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Many investors are absolutely fascinated about investing in stock market. But, in our opinion mere fascination is not enough. Investing wisely and with the right insights helps one to grow his savings.

The purpose of this e-book is to provide all the necessary information so that one can acquire new skills and expand his/her knowledge, in order to accomplish profitable investments in the stock market... Read More

3. Reports of BEST 3 HIDDEN GEMS for Long Term

On activation of your Hidden Gems subscription, you will receive 3 earlier recommended Hidden Gems research reports. You can take exposure in these stocks to earn decent returns on your investment in long term.

These are fundamentally sound small cap companies which can give far superior returns on your investments compared to broader indices like Sensex, Mid Cap and Small Cap index.

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