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Monday, August 20, 2012

Facebook's Rival - Zurker. How to Own Its Shares for Free?

Zurker is a new Social Network. Unlike Facebook and MySpace, Zurker is co-owned by it's users. That's right, you become the co-owner, you are the future stockholder of Zurker. By helping Zurker grow, you have the potential of helping your wallet grow.

How Zurker Works?

Zurker is becoming a new mantra for the people who hang up with social networking websites today. Every member of zurker is entitled for a stake in the form of vshares (virtual shares). Once a member registered with zurker, he can refer people by using the referral code. When your valid referral joins the network you will be getting credits on your account and later can be converted to vshares. Currently vshares can be bought directly for cash also. Most of us have missed to buy the shares of facebook which is now million dollars worth, but we have all chances to buy the shares of Zurker in form of vshares. The idea behind this vshares is to get funds for the company from public instead of large venture capitalists as well as to make every member earn through it once it becomes a corporation like facebook and MySpace.

The site is very straight forward and maintains an open book concept where the company accounts is open to view by every member. Anyone can see the income and expenses incurred by the company by going to the open books section. Currently joining Zurker is not available to open public and allowed only through referral invites being in beta stage. So you can request your friends or relatives for an invite to join Zurker. You can also join zurker by clicking our referral link:

People behind the Zurker

Most of us know that the founder of social networking giant Mark Zukerburg faced court trials for stolen idea of facebook from Cameron Winklevoss, his twin brother Tyler and Divya Narendra (an Indian). There was a news that Facebook had paid $65 million to settle the claim. These people have developed this Zurker with this new idea. So there is no doubt that Zurker will become as big as Facebook being they are the original masters behind the facebook concept.

When you help a social network grow, such as Facebook, you help the founders and investors put money in their pockets but when Zurker grows, you help yourself to put money in your pocket.

Zurker allows you to earn money while being socially connected. A free invitation to join and a free share in the company for every referred member, isn't it great?

Join Now and become a co-owner of Zurker to get rewarded.