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Friday, July 27, 2012

Grow Your Wealth by Investing in Hidden Gems @ Rs. 417

Dear Reader,

You may stop investing in stocks thinking that stock market will tank further, or you might be worried considering local and global concerns like inflation, high interest rates, europe crisis etc. But believe us such weak sentiments in stock markets give great opportunities to invest in good companies at best bargain. Its human psychology to get fearful and start selling stocks during market downturn and become greedy by getting into stocks during northward move of markets, but smart investor does just the opposite to maximise his ROI.

During tough times, good companies become cheap in terms of valuations due to selling pressure across markets. Hence, it make more sense to buy during falling market and book profits when market is rising. If you think some of your stocks are overvalued compared to peers / sector without any reasons, its wise to book profits.

We are delighted to inform all our readers that 4 Hidden Gems (micro/small cap stocks) out of 12 recommended by our equity analysts in year 2011 gave returns of more than 100%. Average returns of 12 Hidden Gems stocks (as on 10th July) is +32.3 compared to negative returns of -8.4% of small cap index.

We are hopeful that 2012 will be a better year compared to 2011 and carefully choosen stocks (backed by authentic and unbiased research) as investment ideas by our equity analysts will once again outperform all major indices.

Its dedication and passion of our research team who keep on exploring profitable investment opportunities from small/micro cap space and share them with you. Today, Hidden Gems is one of the most admired subscription service of Saral Gyan.

Below are the 4 Hidden Gems stocks which created wealth for all our members who are Hidden Gems subscribers since Jan 2011.

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Grow your Wealth by Investing in Hidden Gems Now!

Monthly research report of Hidden Gem will cost you Rs. 417 only and have potential to double your investments within span of 1 to 2 years. Under annual subscription, you need to pay Rs. 5000 to receive total 12 multibagger stock investment ideas supported by unbiased and authentic research carried out by our equity analysts.

Subscribe to Hidden Gems before increase in subscription charges:

Revised Hidden Gems subscription charges effective 1st August 2012
For Indian Subscribers: INR 5000 7500 / year (12 issues of Hidden Gems)
For Abroad Subscribers: $ 105 150 / year (12 issues of Hidden Gems)

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You can download complete research report using below links:

1. Camlin Fine Sciences (BSE Code - 532834) : Camlin Fine Sciences was recommended by our equity analysts at price of 60 (price adjusted due to stock split) considering positive developments in the company. And after 8 months suggested partial profit booking by selling 50% holding of Camlin Fine Sciences at price range of Rs. 130 (price adjusted due to stock split), returns of 115% in short span of 8 months. Remaining 50% stock holding is free for Hidden Gem subscribers.

Camlin Fine Sciences Research Report - Read/Download

2. Cravatex (BSE Code - 509472) : Cravatex belongs to consumer segment and was attractively valued before bonus issue, company own rights to sell brands like Fila and Proline and was expanding its reach to customers in different geographies of the country, stock was recommended at price of Rs. 700 (bonus adjusted) in May 2011 by our equity analysts. Stock made high of Rs. 799 in April this year registering maximum returns of almost 130%.

Cravatex Research Report - Read/Download

3. WPIL (BSE Code - 505872) : Our equity analysts noticed that WPIL promoters are doing aggresive open market purchase. Later our analysts tried to dig out the reasons and found that WPIL has made few acquisition/ tie ups globally to synergize their business and is going to be benefitted tremendously in coming quarters, same was reflected later in company's quarterly results. Stock recommended at average price of Rs. 182.5 made high of Rs. 442 during this week. We suggested partial profit booking to our subscribers by selling 50% of stock holding at Rs. 425 (returns of 130%) and holding the remaining quantity for long term.

WPIL Research Report - Read/Download

4. Cera Sanitaryware (BSE Code - 532443) : Cera Sanitaryware was attractively priced and was trading below its intrinsic value in Dec 2011. Our analysts were confident enough about decent returns in this scrip and suggested a buy at price of Rs. 157, stock has made 52 week high of 318.4 during this week and doubled the investments of our subscribers in short span of 7 months. As valuations are still attractive, we suggest our subscribers to hold the stock.

Cera Sanitaryware Research Report - Read/Download

Below is the past performance of 12 Hidden Gems of 2011 against Small Cap Index.

(Click on the image icon, if not visible properly)

Saral Gyan Hidden Gems not only outperformed all major indices but also gave handsome returns during tough time of stock market.

Hidden Gems (multibagger small cap stock research reports) is one of the most appreciated service of Saral Gyan. Subscribers availing this service, receive one small cap stock recommendaton every month for a period of one year. Hence, total 12 small cap stocks investment ideas get shared in a duration of one year.

We at Saral Gyan strongly believe that a small portion of your savings must be invested in small caps and should not be ignored with your investments in other medium and large cap stocks, small companies in favourable economic conditions have high probability to grow exponentially to convert into mid cap and large cap stocks in couple of years. TTK Prestige is one of the recent example.

Our Hidden Gems research reports are based on sound and unbiased research done by Saral Gyan equity analysts. They keep exploring good small companies, identify their potential to grow in the respective sector and industry, evaluate past performance of last 4-6 quarters, check out management views, analyze financial health of the company while preparing Hidden Gems research reports.

In case of any queries, please do not hesitate to write to us.

Note: Six Monthly reviews are done on past Hidden Gems issues to keep a track of company performance and investment returns.


Team - Saral Gyan