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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Saral Gyan Portfolio of 12 for 2012 - Returns @ 17.2%

We circulated portfolio of 12 of 2012 with all Saral Gyan subscribers in the beginning of the year. While reviewing the mid year performance, we are pleased to share that Saral Gyan model portfolio is outperforming sensex by 8.1%.

Sensex was at 15,495 at beginning of this year and today closed at 16863, giving returns  of 9.1% since 1st Jan 2012 whereas Saral Gyan portfolio is giving returns of 17.2%. 11 out of 12 stocks gave positive returns, Petronet LNG returns is the only stock which gave negative returns, stock has gone seen a steep correction in price due to margin pressures. Star performers of the portfolio are from mid and small cap space giving returns of almost 50% in last 6 months.

Looking at above table, you can observe that best of large cap stocks have given single digit returns since beginning of the year but mid caps and little known small / micro cap stocks have given astonishing returns upto 50% in last 6 months, and that is one of the strong reason why we like to power our model portfolio with best of small and mid cap stocks.

Our equity analysts team keep on exploring investment ideas in small and mid cap companies which offer great value for money. As investments in small and mid cap stocks is more risky compared to large cap stocks, our team keep a close watch on these stocks and update our members in case of any adverse news.

You can download the stock portfolio circulated by Saral Gyan team by clicking on download link. Saral Gyan Portfolio of 12 for 2012 - Download

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