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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last 5 Days - 2nd Anniversary Offer closes on 25th June

Dear Reader,

In honour of our two-year anniversary, we are delighted to thank all our valuable readers and subscribers. We cherish this special moment which would not be possible without your appreciation and support. We really appreciate our supportive customers and the contributions to our business and this special event not only marks our achievement in this competitive industry, but also is a great way to give back to our customers and let them take a close look at our newly upgraded services.
To celebrate this milestone, Saral Gyan is bringing you unprecedented offer from June 15 to June 25, 2012 on our best selling services. This offer is open for everyone, available for both existing as well as new subscribers.

Last 2 years journey was remarkable, we introduced different services and received overwhelming response from our subscribers. Our equity analysts identified best of small and mid cap stocks as investment opportunities, which gave great returns to our subscribers on their investments.

Services offered by Saral Gyan:

1. Hidden Gems [Unexpored Multibagger Small Cap Stocks]
2. Value Picks [Mid Caps with Plenty of Upside Potential]
3. 15% 90 DAYS [Buy to Sell Stocks for Short Term Gains]
4. WEALTH-BUILDER [An Offline Portfolio Management Service]

As Saral Gyan team is always dedicated to bring high quality research work for readers and investors, from June 2010 till now, Saral Gyan has over 5,000 world-wide readers based in more than 25 countries and states. All of them give a high praise on Saral Gyan equity research, especially Hidden Gems and Value Picks, which are one of the best performer services in terms of proven track record giving handsome returns on investments to our subscribers.

Our team strives to provide readers authentic, unbiased and indepth research reports of small and mid cap companies which support them to make educated investment decisions based on facts.

In this anniversary celebration, you can avail attractive discounts and also receive Saral Gyan 88 pages eBook - How to Grow your Savings? absolutely Free.

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Apart from the giveaway, Saral Gyan team brings discounts up to 55% in Combo Packs. This all-in-one combo package is for those who wants to manage and diversify their portfolio with best of small and mid cap stocks to create wealth in long term.

Below table indicates special prices valid under Saral Gyan 2nd Anniversary offer. 
Saral Gyan 2nd Anniversary Offer
15% @ 90 DAYS Rs. 2500 2250 / $ 55 45 5%
Value Picks Rs. 3500 3000 / $ 75 60 15%
Hidden Gems Rs. 5000 3750 / $ 105 75 25%
Wealth-Builder Rs. 10000 7500 / $ 210 150 25%
Hidden Gems + Value Picks Rs. 8500 6000 / $ 155 120 30%
3 in One (HG + VP + 15P) Rs. 11000 7500 / $ 190 150 35%
All 4 in One (HG + VP + 15P + WB) Rs. 21000 10000 / $ 350 200 55%

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Do not miss out our 2nd Anniversary offer (June 15 - June 25), an opportunity to avail subscription services at best discounted prices. Do contact us in case of any queries or clarification.

Saral Gyan capital services is an independent equity research company, owns professional team which provides a range of services for equity investors. Saral Gyan annual subscription services includes Hidden Gems, Value Picks, 15% @ 90 DAYS and Wealth-Builder.