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Monday, December 19, 2011

How Reading SMS Can Make You Earn Easy Money?

SMS ads that we thought were a nuisance, could now help us earn some money.

A mobile advertisement firm will now let you earn and accumulate easy money for just receiving advertisements on your mobile. Bangalore based mobile advertising company mGinger has come up with an innovative advertising strategy in the year 2007 wherein, consumers who agree to receive advertisements on mobile, will be credited twenty paise for every ad they receive. In this business model, revenue generated from advertisers gets distributed with the target audience.

This is a true example of win-win scenario, advertiser gets target audience hence doesn’t require running a campaign for mass communication, and audience on the other hand read an ad via SMS; which gets delivered to them on preferred timings on the subject of their particular interest and get paid as well. This new strategy will help advertisers reach out to their target consumers while mobile users can also start earning little & easy money, which could be used either as a monthly recharge for their mobile or to pay electricity or water bill. As soon as the consumer accumulates Rs 300 through 20 paise credits, he will receive a cheque for the same amount.

Those who want to receive advertisements can do so by visiting the company’s website - mGinger! Moreover, company also provides multi level SMS networking through which you can earn 10 paise on every SMS Ad received by your level 1 - friends / relatives / colleagues and earn 5 paise on every SMS Ad received by somebody in level 2 of your network.

Saral Gyan Team is active audience of mGinger. The little income generated by receiving SMS Ads is now used for charity. We suggest our readers to simply give it a try, who knows if somebody in your network clicks, your earning amount could be higher than the dividend payouts of your stock holdings!

Start earning by registering your mobile by becoming part of mGinger network – Click Here!