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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last 24 Hours! An Opportunity Missed is an Opportunity Lost

Dear Reader,

We all know that Sensex tested the level of 8,000 during march 2009, the correction due to global turmoil and US recession was so intensed and fearful that Indian stock market came down to 8,000 from level of 21,000 in span of 14 months. Severe correction of more than 60% from highs of Jan 2008 to lows of March 2009.

If you have invested in fundamentally strong small and mid cap stocks during march 2009, you have made huge money out of stock market. Let us see how? Just one example: Yes Bank touched low of Rs. 43 during that period is trading at Rs. 300 now, its a good mid cap stock in banking sector giving more than 6 times returns. And believe us there are many stocks like Yes Bank. Remember, an opportunity missed is an opportunity lost!

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Saral Gyan Team.