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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hidden Gem Mar'11 Hits Target - Multibagger Returns @ 150%

Dear Saral Gyan Reader,

Once again we are delighted to inform you that during turbulent of stock markets, our equity analysts team has recommended the right stock at right point of time in the month of March this year.

Hidden Gem March 2011 target price is achieved today, stock touched all time high of Rs. 152, giving returns of more than 150% on your investment in short span of 8 months. Isn't it great to enjoy profits of 150% during turbulent times of stock market.

So which Hidden Gem was recommended in March 2011 by our equity analysts?

Answer is Camlin Fine Chemicals Ltd (now Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd)

Hidden Gems research report was sent to all our Hidden Gems subscribers on 27th March, 2011.  

We recommended Buy on Camlin Fine Chemicals (now Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd) at Rs. 60 on 27th March 2011 for target of Rs. 145 with time period of 18-24 months. Today, stock has made 52 week high of Rs. 152.30 and closed at Rs. 144.10 giving absolute returns of 138% to our Hidden Gems subscribers.

Profit Booking Strategy: We recommend our Hidden Gems subscribers to book profits partially by selling 50% of their holding and keeping rest for long term. Remember, you need not to bother about your remaining quantity, its free for you. Once you  book profits of more than 100% by selling half of your shares, you can hold remaining 50% shares at no cost!

Click here to read/download Camlin Fine Chemicals Ltd (Hidden Gem - Mar 2011) research report.

Note: Its important to diversify your small cap stock portfolio, you can't just bet on one or two stocks. Our objective is to protect & grow your capital giving 100% to identify best of Hidden Gems but we do not guarantee similar returns from all our recommendations. Few of our Hidden Gems can perform better in a lesser span of time, few may take more time and need to hold for longer period.  

Here is an example: We recommended Piccadily Agro to our investors at price of Rs. 35.95 in Dec 2010, stock made high of Rs. 54.90 delivering excellent numbers in 3rd and 4th quarter of FY 2011. But due to poor performance in FY12 Q1 and Q2 on account of high raw material prices and rising interest cost on ongoing expansion, stock tumbled down heavily and is now available at Rs. 23.90. Down by almost Rs. 12 giving negative returns of  33.5% from our recommended price.

But as there is nothing wrong with the company, this stock will take time to give good returns on your investments going forward.

Hence, it is important to diversify your stock portfolio. If one of your stock investment is not doing well for you, you will find other set of stocks doing reasonably well in your portfolio. You never knows which Hidden Gem will brighten up your life giving you multibagger returns in next 2-3 years. And in case if you find that most of your stocks investments are in red and underperforming major indices, do accept that you are not making the right investment decisions.

Remember, if you really want your money to grow, stocks is the only way to go! In case if you do not have time to do your own research to dig and find out the right investment idea's in small cap space, now you have an option. Simply subscribe to Saral Gyan - Hidden Gems.

(click on the image, if above table is not clearly visible)

Below is the past performance of Hidden Gems (upto July) recommended by our equity analysts team:

Small cap index along with all major indices have fallen significantly during tough times of stock market. In last one year, Sensex has corrected from 20,310 to 17,119 giving negative returns of -15.7% where as Small cap index has fallen from 10,885 to 6,645 giving negative returns of -38.95%.

But during these turbulent times, Saral Gyan Hidden Gems continue to shine giving maximum average returns of +53.7% and as on date average returns of +21.5% to our Hidden Gems subscribers compared to average index returns of -25.3% of small cap index in last one year.

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Wish you all happy & safe investing!

- Saral Gyan Team.