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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Performance of Last 11 Hidden Gems - Outperform Index @ 34%

Our research team put lot of hard work, dedication and passion to explore best micro, small & mid cap investment opportunities. Its our mission to guide our readers to make educated investment decisions and help them creating wealth in long run by directly investing in equities.

With your appreciation and support, Hidden Gems now enjoys no. 1 ranking in Google. No promotions, no ads, just word of mouth publicity makes Hidden Gems no. 1 and we are thankful to our readers/subscribers to make this happen. If you like to experience this, simply enter "Hidden Gems stocks" in Google search engine, you will see our website name topping the search results.

Hidden Gems, which we introducted last year is highly appreciated by all our paid subscribers. The reason is simple, all of them made handsome profits by investing in our recommended Hidden Gems (unexplored small/micro cap stocks) even during tough time of stock market.

We do not only recommend micro and small cap stocks to our investors but also share complete research reports of such companies which ensure that our subscribers make an educated investment decision. As small cap stocks play a vital role in appreciating your investments, hence we suggest to allocate 15-20% of your investment to small cap stocks in your equity portfolio. This can be further increased based on your investment profile and risk tolerance.

We were the first to suggest small cap stocks like Tide Water Oil and Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Ltd to our Investors, these stocks gave 100% returns to our investors in a short span of 6 months. Its a fact that even after severe stock market correction, both these stocks are giving positive returns of almost 40-60% from our recommended price.

Hidden Gems keep on moving northward during market downturn. As on date (9 October), average returns of Hidden Gems recommended by us in period of last 12 months are giving positive returns of 9.71% compared to negative returns of small cap index of -24.42%.

Hence, if you have invested total of Rs. 1,00,000 in a systematic way each month in our recommended Hidden Gems, your investments value as on date would be Rs. 1,09,710. And if you have invested same amount in Small Cap Index stocks, your investment value would be Rs. 75,580.

Our Hidden Gems outperform Small Cap Index by whopping 34.13% (as on 9th Oct 2011).

Below is the past performance of Hidden Gems recommended (up to July) by Saral Gyan equity analysts during last 12 months:

Note: Saral Gyan team recommended partial profit booking to Hidden Gems subscribers at regular time interval  for past recommendations which gave more than 75% returns in short span of time.

Some of the unique advantages of investing in small cap stocks are:

1. Small companies adapt fast to changing environment - they are nimble and can therefore move fast.

2. Given low liquidity, while retail investors can buy small caps, many fund managers cannot - so retail investors have a first mover advantage with a good small company.

3. Small caps are high in demand but less in supply - that means prices rise really fast when demand increases.

Through Hidden Gems, we're providing you opportunities to invest in such small caps stocks today. Infosys, Pantaloon, Unitech, Glenmark were the small cap stocks in past and today are the well known companies falling under mid and large cap space. Do note that only small cap stocks have the true growth potential with high probability to become multibagger stocks in couple of years.

The stocks we reveal through Hidden Gems are companies that are either under-researched or not covered by other stock brokers and research firms. We keep on updating our subscribers on our past recommendations suggesting them whether to hold / buy or sell stocks on the basis of company's performance and future outlook.

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Saral Gyan Team,
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