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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hidden Gem May'11 Returns @ 55% - Book Partial Profits Now

Dear Member,

Once again our equity analyst team picked up the right stock at right point of time. The small cap stock which was recommended in the month of May as Hidden Gem is now giving returns of 55% to our Investors.

We published Hidden Gem (small cap stock) research report of May month on 29th May and circulated it to all our Hidden Gems subscribers. On 29th May, small cap index was at 8110 (closing price) and currently small cap index is at 7134 (2nd Sept closing price) i.e. down by almost 12% but Saral Gyan Hidden Gem during the same period is giving positive returns of more than 55% to our investors.

We recommend our Hidden Gem subscribers to do partial profit booking by selling 50% of their holding of Hidden Gem - May 2011 stock above Rs. 550 and have cash reserves available.

We expect stock market can retest its recent lows, if Nifty goes below 4750, we may see a target of 4400-4500 on Nifty. Historically stocks tend to make major lows in the month of September and October. We may see a false upmove in September (which is already started) followed by bottom in October.

Below is the performance of last 10 Hidden Gems recommended by Saral Gyan equity analysts:

If you are a long term investor and want to build your equity portfolio, do not miss to allocate 15-20% portion of your stock portfolio in small cap stocks. Small Cap stocks by their nature are more risky compared to mid cap and large cap stocks during falling market but have the potential to give you multibagger returns in a longer period of time.

Small Caps have been the worst hit during recent stock market crisis and this have thrown up opportunities to buy shares of well managed companies that are now available at bargain prices.

Fundamentally strong growth oriented small cap companies play a major role in appreciating your wealth at a faster pace compared to mid and large cap stocks. But being a very large universe of small cap stocks, its too difficult to identify profitable investment ideas in small cap space.

Saral Gyan equity analysts keep on exploring under valued stocks from different sectors in small cap universe and identify one Hidden Gem each month. During recent times, when most of the blue chip stocks are making new 52-week lows, Saral Gyan Hidden Gems continue to shine with their performance. As on date, average returns of last 10 Hidden Gems is +8.92 compared to negative returns of -20.2% of small cap index. Hence, outperforming small cap index by whopping 29%.

How can you access the list of such stocks? Its simple, subscribe to Saral Gyan - Hidden Gems. Click on the links to know more about annual subscription charges and payment options.

Wish you happy & safe Investing!


Saral Gyan Team.
Saral Gyan Capital Services.