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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hidden Gems continue to Shine during Turbulent Times

We received many queries from our readers during recent market correction. The major concern was the capital erosion and returns on their investments turning negative from positives within couple of weeks.

Our equity analysts team expected that Nifty will not go below 5200 which acted as a strong support by bulls and gave a sharp rebound from 5190-5200 levels during last 6 months. But this time that support level was also broken and Nifty tested 4950 during beginning of this week. The fall in share prices due to US downgrade in credit rating was so sharp that most of the mid caps and small cap stocks were tumbled by almost 15% to 30% in couple of days.

But you need not to worry as this is not the time to book losses by selling stocks you have in your portfolio but to add fundamentally strong blue chips, mid as well as small cap stocks at discounted price.

Negative news across the globe created a lot of pessimism and uncertainly during recent times in capital market. We suggest our readers to start accumulating stocks of fundamentally sound small and mid cap companies which are trading at discounted price and offers value for money.

Saral Gyan - Hidden Gems outperform Small Cap Index by whopping 22%

In fact, average returns of our recommended Hidden Gems stocks is positive whereas small cap index is down giving double digit negative returns during the same period.

Below is the performance of last 10 Hidden Gems recommended by team of our equity analysts. Even after such a downfall when most of the blue chips touched their 52 week low prices in stock market, returns of our 6 Hidden Gems out of 10 stocks recommended in last 10 months are giving positive returns. As on date, average returns of Saral Gyan - Hidden Gems is +7.30% compared to negative returns of -14.75% of Small Cap Index.

We suggest our paid subscribers to add Hidden Gems recommended in Dec 2010, Feb 2011 and June 2011 during recent market correction. Considering correction in these stock prices and Q1 results updates, we believe these stocks will outperform all indices giving good returns on your investments in coming quarters.

- Saral Gyan Team.