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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Are you Investing in Wealth-Builder Portfolio?

Dear Readers,

As you are aware, we have launched our offline portfolio management service: Wealth-Builder in the month of June 2011. We are thankful to our subscribers who have shown immense trust on us and subscribed to our Wealth-Builder services under our introductory offer (closed on 5th July)

We have released our Wealth-Builder portfolio and emailed the copy to all our Wealth-Builder subscribers today. Only what you need to do is to replicate our Rs. 10 lakh portfolio proportionally. That means if you are planning to invest Rs. 2 lakh instead of Rs. 10 lakh and if we have recommended buy on "X" stock with initial investment of Rs. 80,000 (8% of Rs. 10 lakh portfolio), you need to invest Rs. 16,000 in the same stock. (8% of Rs. 2 lakh portfolio)   

Below is the Sector allocation of Wealth-Builder portfolio as on 10th July 2011.

We have allocated Rs. 6 lakh in stocks and kept Rs. 4 lakh cash in hand. We have not taken any exposure in Gold ETF and can utilize cash in hand for buying stocks offering good opportunities at discounted price during market correction.
We have added above 10 stocks in our Wealth—Builder portfolio with initial investment of Rs. 6 lakhs. We have carefully selected these stocks with lot of research and strongly believe that they will outperform Sensex and Nifty and give good returns to investors moving forward.

As Wealth-Builder is an aggressive portfolio, our team has selected mid caps and small caps stocks over large caps. An aggressive portfolio contains high growth investments that will hopefully appreciate in value. This strategy attempts to achieve high long-term growth by investing in often risky but profitable, short-term stocks.    

Below is the snapshot of our Wealth-Builder portfolio released on 10th July 2011.

Wealth-Builder is suitable for investors who can...

1. Allocate a minimum sum of INR 2 lac (0.2 million) towards equity investment using Wealth Builder
2. Strictly adapt to the portfolio changes as suggested by Wealth-Builder Manager within a period of 2 days
3. Understand the huge potential of small cap stocks and the risk associated with them
4. Has the acceptance to high risk – high reward factor and have considerable risk tolerance
5. Look at wealth building over the years and not on instant profits or short term gains

Wealth-Builder offers Money Back Guarantee
Wealth-Builder portfolio ensures that you get better returns on your investments compared to broader indices - Sensex and Nifty. If Wealth-Builder portfolio underperforms Nifty or Sensex during entire calendar year (gives you lesser returns on your investment compared to Nifty or Sensex), Saral Gyan team will pay back your subscription cost. Hence, if you loose on your investments, we will loose on our business. But this may not come true, we are very sure that we will grow along with you!

As we received many queries regarding our other services i.e Hidden Gems, Value Picks and 15% @ 90 DAYS, we would like to clarify that Wealth-Builder is a separate service and subscription cost does not include subscription to other services: Hidden Gems, Value Picks and 15% @ 90 DAYS.

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Do write to us at, in case of any queries.


Saral Gyan Team
Saral Gyan Capital Services