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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Falling Market is an Opportunity to Invest in Multibagger Stocks at Cheap Valuations

Dear Reader,

It gives us immense pleasure to share that we touched 1000+ Saral Gyan subscribers base in this month and we are thankful to all our readers and subscribers who have appreciated our research work and efforts in exploring investment opportunities in small cap space. Its our mission to guide our readers to make educated investment decisions and help them creating wealth in long run by directly investing in equities.

One of our service - Hidden Gems, which we introducted last year is highly appreciated by all our paid subscribers. The reason is simple, all of them made wealth by investing in our recommended Hidden Gems (small cap stocks). We do not only recommend micro and small cap stocks to our investors but also share complete research reports of such companies which ensure that our subscribers make an educated investment decision. As small cap stocks play a vital role in appreciating your investments, hence we suggest to allocate 10-15% of your investment to small cap stocks in your equity portfolio.

We were the first to suggest small cap stocks like Tide Water Oil and Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Ltd to our Investors, these stocks gave 100% returns to our investors in a short span of 6 months. Its a fact that even after recent stock market correction, both these stocks are giving returns of almost 50% from our recommended price.

Hidden Gems keep on moving northward during market downturn. On 10th May, average returns of Hidden Gems recommended by us in period of last 7 months where giving positive returns of 15.87% compared to negative returns of small cap index of -9.72%. Today small cap index is closed at 8057.02 i.e down by another -4% compared to close  of 10th May 2011. But Hidden Gems continue to shine giving positive returns in the same period. 

We are celebrating success of Hidden Gems with mega discount offer which is open for this week only. You can enjoy direct saving of Rs. 1000 by subscribing to below services.

Do not miss this last time opportunity and do invest during recent market correction, Subscribe today!

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Below is the past performance of Hidden Gems recommended by Saral Gyan equity analysts during last 7 months:

Some of the unique advantages of investing in small cap stocks are:

1. Small companies adapt fast to changing environment - they are nimble and can therefore move fast.

2. Given low liquidity, while retail investors can buy small caps, many fund managers cannot - so retail investors have a first mover advantage with a good small company.

3. Small caps are high in demand but less in supply - that means prices rise really fast when demand increases.

Through Hidden Gems, we're providing you opportunities to invest in such small caps stocks today. Infosys, Pantaloon, Unitech, Glenmark were the small cap stocks in past and today are the well known companies falling under mid and large cap space. Do note that only small cap stocks have the true growth potential with high probability to become multibagger stocks in couple of years.

The stocks we reveal through Hidden Gems are companies that are either under-researched or not covered by other stock brokers and research firms.
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Note: On activation of subscription services, we will share past Hidden Gems stock research reports with our paid subscribers.

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Saral Gyan Team,
Saral Gyan Capital Services