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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hidden Gem of January 2011 is Released

Dear Readers,

Saral Gyan - Hidden Gem (Small Cap Stock Research Report) for the month of January 2011 is released by our equity analysts. It has already been mailed to all our paid subscribers.

This month Hidden Gem is a small cap stock from manufacturing sector, company  has the experience of more than 59 years. Company offers household utility items and furniture and recently started selling its products from big retail outlets like Big Bazaar and D Mart.

Company has outperfomed Sensex in last 2 years, giving returns of almost 215.28% compared to Sensex returns of 101.27%. In last one year, company gave returns of 20% compared to Sensex returns of 7.25%. In addition to this, company has paid 10% dividend and dividend yield at current market price of stock is above 4% which again makes the stock a safe bet during current phase of market correction.

Company is expected to deliver the similar performance as that of past based on domestic demand driven consumption in India. Recently new range of products have been added by the company in its product portfolio.

Team of equity analysts at Saral Gyan believe that the company is all set to deliver strong numbers in terms of growth and profitability in FY 2010-11 & 2011-12. Stock is trading at attractive valuation when compared with peer group and could be a multibagger stock with two year time horizon.

While selecting Hidden Gem of the month, our approach differs from that of most other firms. No attempt is made to provide research on all or most of the companies within a given industry. Instead, the role of the analyst at Saral Gyan is to select and follow only those companies that have above-average growth prospects and above-average quality, the thesis being that investing in these companies will generate above-average returns over the long term.

We use a number of factors in selecting a coverage universe of micro & small cap companies with good growth prospects. Among them are the company's product line, level of service and, most important, the company's management.

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