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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Last 2 Days To Steal The Best Deal Ever

Exploring Best Opportunities in Stock Market with Warren Buffett Key Mantra's:

Companies with strong fundamentals: Simple and understandable businesses, having consistent operating history and favourable long-term prospects.

Companies with strong management teams: Rational, candid with shareholders, resisting the compulsion to act just to prove a point.

Companies with stable financial history: Stability in high profit margins and return on equity, sustained growth in earnings, less capital requirements on an incremental basis, low or nil debt on the books.

Company's stock available at attractive valuations: Keeping a strong margin of safety, available at a significant discount to their intrinsic values.

These are some of the critical parameters that Buffett gives weightage while identifying his stocks and equity analysts at Saral Gyan follows the same process while identifying Value Picks.

Simply put, we will be identifying companies that are doing simple businesses that can be easily understood, have consistent earnings history and sustainable growth path, are managed by honest and competent people, and whose stocks are available at attractive prices with an adequate margin of safety.

To participate in this year journey of building your portfolio with unexplored small cap stocks - Hidden Gems & mid cap stocks with plenty of upside potential - Value Picks along with 12 strong stock recommendations under 15% @ 90 DAYS for short term gains, you need to pay a fee Rs 8,250. But you can get in at a very special price of Rs 6,000 (for a 12 month subscription). Total 36 stocks research reports and recommendations will get shared at a fee of 6,000 and that too ensuring that you reap profits in medium to long term along with access to old research reports of last couple of months, Isn't it light to your pocket?

That's right! For only a fraction of the usual price, you can get access to our old recommendations, and the future recommendations we will be making under this scheme till the 1st of November 2011!

Isn't this a steal?

But wait, there's more...

You will get a copy of Saral Gyan eBook "How to Grow your Savings" at no cost once the offer closes. 

If investors do not have the right perspective, investing could be a puzzle. Investors could go down the wrong path, reaching an unwanted destination. This eBook does not claim to give tips on particular investments, but rather aims to provide the reader with the broad, important and useful advice necessary to be translated into stock market success. This eBook is a must read to provide advice on investments to beginners and to offer fresh ideas to experienced investors.

We're offering you a fantastic deal... probably our best ever. So, don't miss out on it.

Hurry! This Offer Ends On November 4, 2010 - 8 P.M. (Indian Standard Time)

Click Here for full details on subscription charges and payment facilities. Remember you have time till 8 PM tomorrow, after which this opportunity will disappear.

We are looking forward to our future correspondence and to establish a long-lasting and very profitable relationship with you.

Warm Regards,

Saral Gyan Team,
Saral Gyan Capital Services