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Monday, October 25, 2010

Last 7 Days - Super Saver Combo Offer closes on 31st Oct 2010

Dear Readers,

We thank you for your appreciation towards our annual subscription services Hidden Gems, Value Picks and 15% @ 90 DAYS.

Our on going Super Saver Combo Offer is open for last 7 days. You can avail the offer by subscribing to our annual subscription services, a simple & systematic way to grow your savings by investing in equities.

Super Saver Combo Offer is for limited period only and closes on 31st October 2010.

Highlights of the Offer !

1. Direct Savings:

Subscribe to Hidden Gems or Value Picks, Save 10%

Hidden Gems (12 monthly issues) - Rs. 3000 2750 [$ 69.99 64.99]
Value Picks (12 monthly issues) - Rs. 3000 2750 [$ 69.99 64.99]


Subscribe to Hidden Gems as well as Value Picks, Save 20% 

Hidden Gems & Value Picks (12 monthly issues each)
Total 24 issues - Rs. 6000 5000 [$ 139.99 114.99]


Subscribe to Hidden Gems, Value Picks & 15% @ 90 DAYS, Save 37.5%

Hidden Gems, Value Picks & 15% @ 90 DAYS (12 monthly issues each)
Total 36 issues - Rs. 8250 6000 [$ 189.99 134.99]


2. Free eBook:

Get eBook "How to Grow your Savings?" worth Rs. 399, [$ 9.99] Absolutely Free!

Note: eBook is not released yet by Saral Gyan team, it will be mailed to all paid subscribers after its release during last week of this month. 


3. Early Bird:

For First 50 Subscribers only!

First 50 subscribers will get a Deepawali Muhurat Buy - One lakh rupee portfolio of 10 stocks with proper mix of small, mid and large caps.

Saral Gyan suggested portfolio is likely to outperform Nifty & Sensex in next one year.
Note: Eligible subscribers will get the Saral Gyan 1 lakh rupee portfolio before Deepawali Muhurat only.


Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

So what are you waiting for, simply subscribe to avail the best offer!

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Wish you happy & safe investing!

Saral Gyan Team.