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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Value Picks Introductory Offer: Last 3 Days

Mid Cap stocks should be a part of your investment portfolio with long term perspective to grow your savings to create wealth. Its advisable to have equity portfolio allocation between 20 to 40 percent in mid cap stocks which offer true value on your investments not only in the form of price appreciation but also with regular income in form of interim and annual dividends with good dividend yield.

At Saral Gyan, equity analyst team keep on evaluating various companies of different sectors in mid cap space to find out such Value Picks. Equity analysts consider those companies as mid cap stocks whose market capital is in the range of 1000 crore (10 billion) to 10,000 crore (100 billion) and offer value for money on the investments keeping medium to long term view of 2 to 5 years. Six monthly review is done on Value Picks by stock analysts to evaluate performance based on quaterly results, management views & future outlook.

Value Picks - Introductory Offer

Introductory offer of annual subscription to our paid services, Value Picks is currently available at INR 2250 to our Indian subscribers and at $ 49.99 to our subscribers abroad (US/UK, UAE, Australia & Canada Subscribers).

Our Value Picks Introductory offer is getting closed by 30th September 2010 (on completion of first month since launch)

Revised charges for Value Picks annual subscription (12 monthly issues) effective 1st October 2010:

Value Picks Subscription Charges - 1st October 2010

INR 3000 - For Indian Subscribers

$ 69.99 [~ 3000 + transaction & service charges, $ 1 @ 46 Rs] – For Abroad Subscribers

So what are you waiting for? Hurry Up! Subscribe to Value Picks @ INR 2250 / $ 49.99 (see payment options details) to receive sound and unbiased research reports and start investing a part of your savings in promising indian mid cap companies with plenty of upside potential which can give decent returns on your investment with appreciation in stock price along with regular income in the form of hefty dividend.

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