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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hidden Gems Sept 2010 - Returns @ 20%

Dear Readers,

Saral Gyan - Hidden Gem (Small Cap Stock Research Report) for the month of September 2010 was released by our equity analyst team on 5th September 2010. Stock has already hit all time high and outperformed the upwards movement of market and currently giving the returns of almost 20 % from our recommended price, Saral Gyan equity analysts believe that yet a lot of steam is left in this stock because of recent developments in the company and one can buy keeping a long term view of 18 to 24 months to double his investments.

Hidden Gem of Sept 2010 is a small cap stock from media sector which has presence in India since last 15 years. Company was doing extremely well since 2000-2001 and stock price was quoting at 20 times to the stock's current market price. But in the later years after 2001, company performance was badly affected due to tough competition, technology change, government regulations and debt burden. Stock price had a worst hit due to company's poor performance showing continuous losses in the balance sheet in later years.

But in the beginning of this year, management has shown the turnaround in company's performance. This is achieved by infusing capital by the promoters and other bodies corporate. Fund has been used to repay debt and by developing and selling new products which meet expectations of target audience. Management seems to be very innovative by launching products based on low cost model and successfully generates revenue from advertisement stream and selling broadcasting content.

The company is all set to deliver strong numbers in terms of growth and profitability in FY 2010-11 & 2011-12. Stock is trading at attractive valuation when compared with peer group and could be a multibagger stock with two year time horizon.

Saral Gyan equity analysts use a number of factors in selecting a coverage universe of micro & small cap companies with good growth prospects. Among them are the company's product line, level of service and, most important, the company's management.

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