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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ganesh Chaturthi Offer Closes Today!

Dear Readers,

Wish you happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

We thank you for your overwhemling response to our Ganesh Chaturthi offer started since 9th September. We received many queries regarding our services, Hidden Gems, Value Picks and 15% @ 90 DAYS. It was an awesome experience! Our dedicated team always put best of their efforts to ensure maximum returns on your investments by providing recommendations supported by sound and unbiased research reports in small and mid cap stocks.

Ganesh Chaturthi Offer is closing today! Do not miss this opportunity. Grow your savings to reap maximum benefits by investing in equity market.

We at Saral Gyan are committed to provide best of research work because it’s our mission to create wealth for our investors in a long run with the very best small cap stocks – Hidden Gems & Mid cap stocks with plenty of upside potential - Value Picks. Our equity analysts keep seeking out well-managed companies with unbeatable products or services that are undervalued and unknown by most investors. To know about our services, subscription charges & payment facilities, Click Here!

Of course, small-cap & mid cap investing does not come without risks. We insist on telling you that right up front. Small companies can bear more business risk than larger entrenched companies, especially in a recession. That's why Saral Gyan research reports always disclose all type of risks when recommending any small-cap or mid-cap stock in Hidden Gems and Value Picks research reports respectively.

Performance of past 6 month stock recommendations published in our website:

 (click on the table for enlarge view)

No recommendation was published in in the month of March 2010. Couple of stocks mentioned above in the table are recommended in our past Hidden Gems issues.

It’s always advisable to add more of large caps, less of mid caps and little of small caps to balance your equity portfolio. We suggest all our investors not to allocate more than 20% of your investment amount in small cap stocks. 80% of your equity investments should be in medium & large cap stocks. This will help you to reduce the risk of your equity portfolio during market downturns.

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Saral Gyan Team,
Saral Gyan Capital Services