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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Investing in Small Cap Wonders of Stock Market

Our research mission is to generate superior investment ideas and value-added insight through independent, in-depth research of small companies with a longer-term orientation.

At Saral Gyan, we employ a strategy of finding quality growth companies that deliver superior investment returns to our clients.
We offer Hidden Gems, research reports with in-depth investment analysis and investment recommendations from the universe of micro & small cap stocks. Acting as the company's laboratory for new investment ideas, our equity analysts specializes in providing investment analysis on quality growth companies. Our equity analysts currently follow a universe of over 130 companies.

What differentiates Saral Gyan Capital Services?

Talent, Dedication & Passion are the key to success of every individual in Saral Gyan team, its our mission to protect & increase capital by providing sound and unbiased research work in equities which helps our investor to make investment decisions to create wealth in long term. We enjoy a good reputation for providing in-depth investment analysis on micro and small companies within five industry sectors:

■ Business Services

■ Consumer

■ Financial Services

■ Healthcare

■ Technology

Our approach differs from that of most other firms in that no attempt is made to provide research on all or most of the companies within a given industry. Instead, the role of the analyst at Saral Gyan is to select and follow only those companies that have above-average growth prospects and above-average quality, the thesis being that investing in these companies will generate above-average returns over the long term.

We use a number of factors in selecting a coverage universe of micro & small cap companies with good growth prospects. Among them are the company's product line, level of service and, most important, the company's management. In terms of growth, analysts look for companies that can sustain annual earnings gains of 15% or more over the long term. The research universe is almost evenly divided among micro-cap and small-cap stocks.

In addition, we will shortly introduce mid-cap and large-cap stocks coverage to help our investors to build a sound portfolio with a mix of small, mid & large cap stocks. The universe will be well diversified geographically, with the companies based throughout the India.

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